What do you do when you’re literally bent over and screwed when you feel that you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by what you thought was a legit record contract?  You stand up and fight, and that’s what Davey Suicide, out of “Unholywood Killifornia” did!

Davey Suicide created a viral video that was on virtually every major music website and podcast that you could think of!  They are actually with a PR Company that gives a crap about them, collaborated with Twiztid, and are set to share the stage with the likes of Dope, Combichrist, and September Mourning coming up!

On March 24th, “Made From Fire” is being released via Trisol Music Group!  If you want a blaring anthem, Davey Suicide can provide that for you! If you want music that shakes and stirs the soul while making you feel grimy and dirty at the same time, let Davey Suicide finish off what is left of you in that aspect!  The music is made with a pissed-off feel and its made as if they have a thousand chips on their collective shoulders and are out to prove those who attempted to screw them out of a dream wrong!

This is blatantly evident with blistering guitar solos such as in “Take The Pain Away”, that provides somewhat of an 80’s feel mixed with the anthems that a band like Bring Me The Horizon would offer.  Sexy electronic musings in the music are offered with pop sensibilities mixed with new wave metal is offered in songs such as “Devil’s Night”, “The Chemical In You”, and “Dancing With The Reaper”.  The collaboration with Twiztid in “Too Many Freaks” is the standout of this record!

When you’ve had enough, you have two choices in life, you can either throw your hands up and quit or you can be like Davey Suicide and create their best work to date!

Rating System is as follows:

*- album sucks!

**- not for me, but I understand!

***- good record, but will collect dust on my shelf!

****- Stands out will be frequently in my system!

*****- Masterpiece

Based upon the feeling of vengeance and reaching from the deepest parts of themselves to create the best record that they could, “Made From Fire” by Davey Suicide gets a 4 star rating!  I love the guitar solos and how they blend into the music, and when I’m in the mood for grimy, dirty shock rock “Made From Fire” is going into my record player!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  “Resurrection(Intro)”
  2.  “Rise Above”
  3.  “Dancing with the Reaper”
  4.  “No Angel”
  5.  “Too Many Freaks” featuring Twiztid
  6.  “Torture Me”
  7.  “Anti-System Revolution”
  8.  “Paralyzed” featuring William Control
  9. “No Place Like Hell”
  10.  “Devil’s Night”
  11.  “Take The Pain Away”
  12.  “The Chemical In You”
  13.  “Made From Fire”
  14.  “End of the War”

On Tour with Dope, Combichrist, and September Mourning:

03/04 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
03/05 @ Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
03/06 @ Underground – Omaha, NE
03/07 @ Gabe’s Oasis – Iowa City, IA
03/08 @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall – St Paul, MN
03/09 @ Courtside – Dubuque, IA
03/10 @ Q&Z Expo Center – Ringle, WI
03/11 @ The Sandlot – Green Bay, WI
03/12 @ The Annex – Madison, WI
03/13 @ The Metal Grill – Cudahy, WI
03/14 @ The Agora – Cleveland, OH
03/15 @ HOME Bar – Arlington Heights, IL
03/16 @ Big Shots – Valparaiso, IN
03/17 @ The Apollo Theatre – Belvedere, IL
03/18 @ The Machine Shop – Flint, MI
03/19 @ The Music Factory – Battle Creek, MI
03/20 @ Trixie’s Ent. Complex – Louisville, KY
03/21 @ Diesel – Pittsburgh, PA
03/22 @ Reverb – Reading, PA
03/23 @ Highline Ballroom – New York, NY
03/24 @ Palladium – Worcester, MA
03/25 @ Fish Head Cantina – Halethorpe, MD
03/26 @ Arizona Pete’s -Greensboro, NC
03/28 @ The Haven – Winter Park, FL
03/29 @ The Orpheum – Tampa, FL
03/30 @ O’Malley’s Sports Bar – Fort Lauderdale, FL
04/02 @ Southport Music Hall – New Orleans, LA
04/03 @ Grizzly Hall – Austin, TX
04/04 @ Scout Bar – Houston, TX
04/05 @ Fitzgerald’s – San Antonio, TX
04/06 @ Trees – Dallas, TX
04/08 @ Club Red – Mesa, AZ
04/09 @ The Regent Theater – Los Angeles, CA

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