This past summer, I remember seeing Emperors And Elephants at a festival in Iowa called Loco Fest, which was taking place in Algona, Iowa.  Little did I know that it would be guitarist Jeff Windisch’s second to last show.  They killed it in the blistering sun on that evening while providing direct support for Another Lost Year and Eve 6.  Little did the audience of several hundred know that the next day, Jeff Windisch would tragically pass away via a massive heart attack at a concert in Savage, Minnesota after the band opened for Lynch Mob.  On March 17th, the Chicago, Illinois band is releasing “Moth” via Pavement Entertainment!

Talk about a mature growth from the band in comparison to their previous effort, “Devil In The Lake”.  I can tell that they decided to listen to some Alice In Chains and that they are heavily influenced by the 1990’s Grunge Movement.  Vocalist Jesse Andrew pours out his emotions into the album while they push the envelope on various tracks such as “Porcelain Kiss” and an amazing cover of “Wicked Game”, originally done by Chris Isaak.  The musicianship is what is to be expected from Emperors And Elephants, tightly crafted like a woven tapestry that is made from the finest silks, and it just rocks out!

You can feel the pain and suffering that they went through.  You can tell that this is a true dedication to their fallen bandmate and friend!  I’m anxious to see what 2017 holds for Emperors And Elephants moving forward!

On March 17th, do not miss out on this fantastic effort from Emperors And Elephants!  Thoroughly impressed!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  “Hidden”
  2.  “Not Today”
  3.  “Porcelain Kiss”
  4.  “Cracks In The Wall”
  5.  “Poison”
  6.  “Chicago”
  7.  “Give Away The Sun”
  8.  “Jester”
  9.  “Trigger”
  10.  “Whisper In The Storm”
  11.  “Hold You Back”
  12.  “Wicked Game”

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