Out of Des Moines, Iowa comes a band that is more than ready to melt faces and take no prisoners while doing so.  That band is Dead Horse Trauma!

Dead Horse Trauma is composed of Eric Davidson on vocals, Seth Peters on guitars, Jayson Kempf on guitars, Brian Carter on bass, and Garrett DeWald on drums.  Watching this band evolve over the years from being that local band that is opening for smaller national touring acts on the local stage to a band that is plotting for global domination makes a person feel like they’re a part of something special.

The DIY-band has had “Life” out for an entire month!  They literally slept, ate, and breathed this record while putting up with each other for an entire week, and did their commitment and hard work in “Life” pay off!

If you want a killer track to kickstart a great album, look no further than “Life”‘s lead single “Left Unsaid”.  This track showcases Dead Horse Trauma taking a bit of direction from their music in the past, while never forgetting their roots.  It is about finding that balance between being legitimate in the eyes of metal heads while appealing to mainstream music listeners, and I believe that Dead Horse Trauma have found that healthy balance.

This record also provides moments of anthems and all around annihilation that they should trademark in various tracks such as “TNT”, “Gasoline Dance”, and “The Massacre”.  It will get the crowd moving, mosh pits going out of control, and crowd surfing to make the security guards earn their keep.

As I mentioned before, “Life” pushes boundaries that get Dead Horse Trauma outside of their comfort zone a bit.  Tracks that are melodic such as “In Viscera 1”, “Always(Never)”, and the second single “Fugue State” are evident of this.  It makes me wonder what the songwriter was going through when they penned those tracks.  Emotions are intensely conveyed, while the song structure provides for multiple layers to unpack, which is something that Dead Horse Trauma is quite gifted at.

If you have not picked up “Life”, you need to do so immediately!

Here’s the Apple link to it:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/life/id1195145037 and be sure to check them out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/deadhorsetrauma.

Here is the track listing to “Life”:

  1.  “Left Unsaid”
  2.  “Gasoline Dance”
  3.  “TNT”
  4.  “Resting In Pieces”
  5.  “Always(Never)”
  6.  “In Viscera 1”
  7.  “Fugue State”
  8.  “Deepest Sleep”
  9.  “Love And War”
  10.  “The Massacre”
  11.  “The Family”

Here is the video to “Left Unsaid”


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