On March 31st, 1977, Swedish rock/metal heavyweights Saturn will be releasing their latest offering entitled “Beyond Spectra”.

Did I say 1977?  Well, I’m wondering myself because I think Saturn took me on a time machine back to that time period where bellbottoms were hip and there becomes an increasing division in music between classic rock vs. disco.  Saturn seems to have been hanging out in the heavy metal parking lot after a blistering set from Judas Priest from the “Sad Wings” era with special guests UFO.

Rebellion, intergalactic missions, and taking the listener through the 1970’s metal is the mission that Saturn takes its listeners and fans on with “Beyond Spectra”, which will be released via Rise Above Records.  This time capsule takes you to the opening cut entitled “Orbital Mission”, where the mad scientists known as Saturn mixes some boogie-woogie, a bit of psychedelia doom and gloom, and marinate it classic rock and ooze it up with laser beam particles and take the listener on an out-of-this-world experience in the Saturn time capsule.

The digital era is not the way to go for Saturn, but analog, making “Beyond Spectra” sound as refreshing and organic as possible, more organic than a March Against Monsanto Anti-GMO march.  There is nothing but good times, headbanging, boogie woogie, air guitar thrashing through this organic experience as is heard on the tracks “Electrosaurus Sex” and “Still Young”.  Saturn utilizes two old mixing tables to make it sound completely organic and retro as they take you on this intergalactic mission.  Saturn even takes you on a historical trip where it talks about the crusades, conquistadors, and the Knights of the Templar in “Force of the North”, while it seems to have a tongue-in-cheek approach, while it being a poignant track to showcase that history does repeat itself and if we don’t remember the lessons of history, that we are condemned to repeat history’s lessons.

There are times where I long for the era of old-school Judas Priest, Saxon, UFO, and even the era of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and Saturn takes us on that time capsule where organic sounds reign supreme, giant guitar riffs rule the day, and where it takes you on blues breakdowns.  March 31st, you need to pick up “Beyon Spectra” by Saturn!  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  “Orbital Command”
  2.  “Wolfsson”
  3.  “Nighttime Badger”
  4.  “Linkan’s Delight”
  5.  “Electrosaurus Sex”
  6.  “Still Young”
  7.  “Force of the North”
  8.  “Helmet Man”
  9.  “Silfvertape”
  10.  “Sensor Data”

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