Out of the cold blustery Finnish winters is a band that is overdue to not only tear up Scandinavia, but tear up Europe, create blizzard like conditions across the Atlantic Ocean, but to freeze over North America with their winter metal, that band is Wolfheart!

On March 3rd, Wolfheart released their latest offering entitled “Tyhjyys”.  The word “Tyhjyys” is Finnish for “emptiness”, and while this record is dark, bleak, and with touches of doom, it really showcases how Wolfheart has expanded their horizons as opposed to their previous offering entitled “Shadow World”.

There is a ton more progression in “Tyhjyys”, in which each track seems to encapsulate the culture of winter metal and encapsulate a story as well based upon the arrangements of the instruments and the storytelling that mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen offers in the musicianship and storytelling.

Fans will be able to capture the winter and the bleakness through various tracks such as “The Flood” and “The Rift”.  “The Flood” absolutely tells a story of a flood, it builds up until the cup runneth over and the Wolfheart train gets out of control with the musicianship.  “The Rift” incorporates acoustic sounding guitars in different parts of the instrumental breaks and string accompaniments and crazy noodling of the guitars.  Wolfheart definitely expands further into the depths of their winter metal in this particular offering.

“Tyhjyys” seems to tell that story in each track of the dead of winter and feeling emptiness while there is a wintering of the soul, yet it is quite therapeutic!  This album is a contrast to “Shadow World”, and that’s okay, it showcases Wolfheart as a band that is willing to experiment with their sound, arrangements, and tap into their influences a bit deeper in order for the listener to unpack the experience that is Wolfheart.

This album is available whereever music is sold via Spinefarm Records.  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  “Shores of the Lake Simple”
  2.  “Boneyard”
  3.  “World on Fire”
  4.  “The Flood”
  5.  “The Rift”
  6.  “Call of the Winter”
  7.  “Dead White”
  8.  “Tyhjyys”

Check out the music video to “World on Fire” below:

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