A light with a chain is hanging from the garage that smells of gasoline, dew from the trees, and rotting wood.  The band hooks in their amps, equipment, and sets up their stage.  They envision throwing down in front of thousands of people in an auditorium all the while playing for their neighborhood, although the neighborhood doesn’t realize that they’re in on the garage rock jam session.  My readers, this is what Orebro, Sweden’s own Troubled Horse is about!

On March 31st, Troubled Horse will be releasing their latest offering entitled “Revolution On Repeat” via Rise Above Records.  This blistering album offers ten tracks and it’s an offering that isn’t confined to one box.

“Revolution On Repeat” takes you back to the early days of hard-rock/heavy metal ala Iron Butterly, Mountain, Deep Purple, and early Led Zeppelin with a track entitled “Hurricane”.  This track is a most-stellar way to start off “Revolution On Repeat”, it is gritty, and it reeks of an early garage rock section after the band has been listening to the early days of Mountain and Deep Purple all weekend.  The vocals are blues-tinged, with a cigarette and whiskey filled rock voice, and the musicianship is impeccable in this track.  The album transitions into “The Filthy Ones”, with the same effect.

Don’t you dare place Troubled Horse into a neat little box with one specific type of music in mind.  Explore with me the early doom and gloom, blues filled ways of Troubled Horse, as they take you on a Black Sabbath meets King Crimson, with the blues of Creedence Clearwater Revival in tracks such as “The Haunted” and “Desperation”.  In these tracks, Troubled Horse does an impeccable job of mixing doom and gloom early Black Sabbath with a bit of sludge and grime into the metal, with the blues of something that reeks of cigarettes and whiskey.  While it sounds classic, Troubled Horse makes it fresh and relevant into bringing back the classic rock/classic metal era of days gone past.

“Revolution On Repeat” offers a bit of everything to the listener, and it showcases that Troubled Horse is back  with a bloody vengeance.  The arrangements are something to behold and it’s a fresh take of the classic metal of days gone past.  March 31st, go pick up a copy of “Revolution On Repeat” by Troubled Horse, you will not regret it!  Solid 4 out of 5 star rating for the mere fact that it sounds like it’s recorded on analog as opposed to digital.

Rating:  4 out of 5 Stars!

Here is the track listing below:

  1.  “Hurricane”
  2.  “The Filthy Ones”
  3.  “Which Way to the Mob”
  4.  “Peasants”
  5.  “The Haunted”
  6.  “Desperation”
  7.  “Track 7”
  8.  “My s***’s f***** up”
  9.  “Let Bastards Know”
  10.  “Bleeding”

Please find Troubled Horse on Facebook at www.facebook.com/troubledhorse .  Please check out the video to “Hurricane” below!


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