Out of Finland comes a band that is prepared to take the next step towards the kingdom of rock, and that band is Brother Firetribe.

Brother Firetribe will be releasing “Sunbound” via Spinefarm Records on Friday, March 24rd!  They are composed of Pekka Ansio Heino on vocals, Tomi Nikulainen on keyboards, Emppu Vuorinen on guitar, Jason Flinck on bass/harmony vocals, and Hannes Pirila on drums.  They have performed at the prestigious Apollo Live Club and even collaborated with the world-famous band Nightwish.

In short, picture the glory days of stadium rock that boasted of soaring guitar riffs, keyboards that made the listener light on their feet, and a rhythm section that continues to provide great music in the driving rain, bands such as Journey, Survivor, and Skid Row immediately come to mind when I describe that.  Mix that aforementioned ingredient and put on the power metal of yesteryear and today of groups like Nightwish and Dokken, and you get Brother Firetribe.

Soaring melodies and the taste of feeling victorious are evident in songs such as “Indeliable Heroes” and “Taste of a Champion”.  Those songs will cause you to raise your glasses and collective voices and sing along ever so proudly.  Songs such as “Shock” and “Phantasmagoria” show off the sensitive ballad side to Brother Firetribe, yet it doesn’t come off as campy or cheesy, there is taste and seriousness into those ballads.  Songs such as “Give Me Tonight”, “Strangled”, and “Heart of the Matter” deal with love, love lost, and desperation in the relationship.  The songs are well crafted and tastefully done.

This is a 4.5/5 star record!  The songs are intricately crafted, the harmonies in the vocals are on point, and the feeling of true rock music is back with Brother Firetribe.  Friday, March 24th, go pick up a copy of “Sunbound” whereever music is sold! Check out the track listing below!

  1.  “Sunbound”
  2.  “Help Is On The Way”
  3.  “Indeliable Heroes”
  4.  “Taste of a Champion”
  5.  “Last Forever”
  6.  “Give Me Tonight”
  7.  “Shock”
  8.  “Strangled”
  9.  “Heart of the Matter”
  10.  “Restless Heart”
  11.  “Big City Dream”
  12.  “Phantasmagoria”

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