Out of Middletown, Connecticut comes an 18-year old piano virtuoso and guitar prodigy named Damiano Christian!  He takes various influences of classical, classic metal, and just straight up aggressive rock and makes it into his own niche that he has already carved out as an 18-year old.  Recently, Damiano Christian released his EP entitled “Built in Good Value”.

The influences of Ritchie Blackmore meets Randy Rhoads is definitely there on the opening instrumental entitled “Overture”.  It is just an ode to metal as Damiano Christian sweeps through the guitar solos behind a pulsating rhythm section to back him up.

Damiano Christian showcases a desire to rock and a desire for mythical creatures coming and stealing the night and the show in tracks such as “Must’ve Been The Devil” and “Straight Between The Eyes”.  These songs are a must have for any 1980’s metal collector as those that are clad out in leather jackets and studded spikes are rocking out in the headbanger’s parking lot before the big concert.

Damiano Christian also showcases his sensitive side in tracks such as “Built in Good Value”, which is a positive track about staying true to one’s own roots and being “forever nostalgic” about those roots that one should remember, and showcases a solid cover of “She Loves You”, paying homage to The Beatles while making it his own creation.

Overall, a solid effort from Damiano Christian.  We are just scratching the surface on how great this prodigy can be!  I believe that it’s a solid start, and the sky is the limit for Damiano Christian!  Solid 3/5 star rating, as this album will grow on you with each listen!

Here is the track listing below:

  1.  “Overture”
  2.  “Must’ve Been The Devil”
  3.  “Built In Good Value”
  4.  “Straight Between The Eyes”
  5.  “She Loves You”

Here is the cover of “She Loves You” below!


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