Music that challenges your thinking, lyrics that are a call to arms to want to change and revolutionize the world, and music that makes you want to go crazy in the pit.  I’m introducing you to Backwordz.

Out of Dallas, Texas comes a band that has had enough with the system, with the powers that be in our government, and the powers that be that go beyond our government, along with the smoke and mirrors and illusions that our government represents these days.  This is angry protest music and it is needed now more than ever to fuel us and to take it to the streets.
Backwordz is composed of Eric July on vocals, Alex James on bass/vocals, Kevin Kerestes on guitar, Marcello Garcci on guitar, and Robbie Rosales on drums.  For a debut album entitled “Veracity”, which was released on March 31st via Stay Sick Recordings, this is already making some noise via major music magazines as well as Fox & Friends and Eric July even has made noise at various Black Lives Matter movements and at Donald Trump’s Inauguration.
This album starts off with a ferocious rap entitled “Pop It Off”, where it really sets the tone of urgency and anger, while it seamless transitions into “Individualism”, which features Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate and Dead Rabbits.There is anger in the lyrics and in the music, yet it causes the listener to pay attention because there is a sense of philosophical musings and a sense of rationality to the music.  July and Mabbitt both do an outstanding job of trading barbs on the vocals and the excellent collaborations are also evident in “Self Ownership”, which features Fronz of Attila.
“Self Ownership” is a call to arms to claim yourself and your inalienable rights again.  July believes that you own your own body and that the government can’t tell you who to love and what to do with your body, and that we shouldn’t meddle into the internal affairs of other nations.  ”Live and let live” is a common principle displayed in the music of Backwordz.
Social commentary where it gets the sheeple to wake up is commonly displayed in tracks such as “The Professional Protester”, “Statism”, and “Utopias Don’t Exist”.  It serves as a platform and as a mission for this band to healthily exchange dialogue to whoever might be interested in listening.  In a world that is saturated with mindlessness and an unwillingness to take risks in music, Backwordz pushes that envelope and has a megaphone to the listener’s ear to demand that anyone who should listen should wake the hell up!
A record that makes you critically think, while offering sick musicianship and sick beats, what a novel concept that Backwordz is offering.  Stay Sick Recordings, you knocked it out of the park by picking this band up!  ”Veracity” will be released wherever music is sold on March 31st.  Check out the track listing below!  This is why this record gets a 5 star rating!  We need bands/recording artists more than ever to step out of the comfort zones and “what sells” in the corporate music world, we need bands with a message and a meaning behind their lyrics, and Backwordz saves the day in regards to that!
1.  ”Pop It Off”
2.  ”Individualism”
3.  ”Self-Ownership”
4.  ”Demon Rat”
5.  ”Statism”
6.  ”You Are You”
7.  ”Tell Me”
8.  ”Be Great”
9.  ”So To Speak”
10.  ”Praxeology”
11.  ”The Professional Protester”
12.  ”Addict”
13.  ”Democracy Sucks”
14.  ”Utopias Don’t Exist”
15.  ”Let Me Live”
16.  ”Snap”
17.  ”Stathiest”
18.  ”Set Us Free”
Check out the video to “Self Ownership” below!
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