Sometimes we all need a night of music to rejuvenate us after that rough week of work, listening to the boss give you the same directions that you’ve been following over and over again, and dealing with the frustrations of picking up the slack from lazy co-workers.  The weekend hits and its time to throw down.  There is nothing that gets my blood pumping like a concert.

I especially enjoy concerts when I get to check out bands/recording artists that I wouldn’t normally get to see or that they’re flying under the radar.  It was a night of Minneapolis/Omaha based hard-rock to soothe the soul and to ease the pain.  Eris is a band that I see doing very well for themselves in the future.  I was impressed with the dynamics of their guitar work, and the vocals that they possessed.  I can see them doing very well for themselves in the Minneapolis scene as they become more polished, the potential is undoubtedly there though.  Check them out on Facebook at

Arson City, out of Omaha, Nebraska could be the next big thing to come out of Omaha!  Do not sleep on this scene!  They incorporate a lot of things to add to the dynamics of their live performance, such as an intensity that is difficult to match, the tandem drumming that adds to the pounding and pulsating of their music, and a stage presence that demands crowd engagement and crowd participation!

Another band that is starting to get noticed, and for good reason, is Cold Kingdom!  Their upcoming EP was produced by Eric Bass of Shinedown, and for them starting out in 2014, they have already shared the stage with the likes of Chevelle, Nonpoint, and Buckcherry.  Their lyrics and vocals are packed with an emotion such as in their staples “Surrender” and “Crash Poet”.  They could be the band that Throw The Fight passes the baton to as the next big band to break through in the Minneapolis scene.  Check them out on Facebook at

Throw The Fight is back with a vengeance!  They came out to Yelawolf for crying out loud! They have always had a penchant for playing in front of a live audience and that Saturday night was no exception to that rule!  They are a band that continues to capitalize on opportunities that are presented before them due to their relentless energy when they are on that stage and a command to get some intense audience participation going on.  It is easy to see why they’ve shared the stage with the who’s who of the hard rock and metal world.  The great thing about Throw The Fight is that they have a catchiness that has intense sing alongs such as in “Not So Hollywood” and in “Bury Me Alive”, which is off of “Transmissions”, yet they have those metal moments and breakdowns that will force the metal “elitists” to suddenly feel that urge to mosh and to kick ass in the pit!  I am so glad that Throw The Fight is back!  I am anticipating them to take over the hard-rock/metal scene before long!  Check them out on Facebook at  Please request the song “Bury Me Alive” to your local rock radio station or if you have Sirius XM.  Check it out below!

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