What do you do when you leave a band that has an established following?  You start a new one of course and that’s what exactly Emmure founders Ben and Joe Lionetti did.  They started up Lakeshore.  They will be releasing “41” relatively soon!

Ben and Joe Lionetti recruited Shawn Adams on vocals, Chris Segovia on bass, and Mitch LoBuglio on lead guitar!  One could say that this is a friendly and amicable departure from Lakeshore.
Lakeshore decided to carve out their own niche and take the road less traveled, and get out of their comfort zone with their self-released EP entitled “41”.  “41” is a concept album that takes you on a mystical journey through the childhood fantasies that we have all loved such as Oz, Willy Wonka, and Alice In Wonderland and created it to their own world that they desire to embark on, and that is to take over the musical landscape.
I love the lush interludes that coincide in the tracks about embarking on their new adventure.  It flows into this story and adventure that Lakeshore is embarking on.  The vocal hooks that Shawn Adams, incorporating with the guitar riffs and the rhythm section showcases the artsy side of Ben and Joe Lionetti’s mad science creation of “41”.
This album is such a fresh touch on the screamo/alternative rock scene.  Emmure fans and other fans will definitely appreciate this album once they unlock their minds and explore the creative genius of Lakeshore.  Here is the track listing below!
Overall, I love the departure from Emmure.  Emmure fans, don’t expect a second version of this band.  Expect a more atmospheric version of a screamo/alternative vision of this band!  I really enjoy the new adventure that the founders of Emmure have taken.  Stepping out of one’s comfort zone leads to growth as people and in their craft, and Lakeshore has shown that!  Solid 3.5/5 star rating on this album due to carving their own niche!
“41” by Lakeshore
1.  “Heart (To The Fans)”
2.  “Future”
3.  “Taking…(Interlude)
4.  “Control”
5.  “Welcome To Oz” (Interlude)
6.  “Kings (The Reawakening)”
7.  “History”
8.  “Pure Imagination”
Find Lakeshore at the following locations!
IG: @LakeshoreOfficial
Twitter: @41Lakeshore
Check out their single entitled “History” below!

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