Editor’s Note:  Out of Connecticut comes a band that wanted that fresh, creative start.  Sometimes taking the road that is less traveled and turning over a new leaf in life is what a band or an individual needs in order to rediscover themselves from a creative standpoint.  Sometimes the best paintings and the best sculptures are pushed off to the side for awhile, while the artist lets it sit until the artist gets inspired to mold that sculpture or to utilize brushstrokes to create that masterpiece.  Coming up, Lakeshore will be releasing their debut EP entitled “41”.  I want to personally thank them for taking a few minutes out of their busy schedules to speak with me about “41”.  Please find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/41Lakeshore and check out their official website at www.LakeshoreOfficial.com.  Here is my interview with Ben Lionetti, who co-founded Emmure, and is playing guitar for Lakeshore.

MTC:  Tell me who you are and what you do in the band.
Ben:  My name is Ben Lionetti and I play guitar in Lakeshore
MTC:  Tell me about the creative process and differences between Emmure and Lakeshore.
Ben:  There really isn’t any, both bands we wrote music from our hearts and I think it shows.
MTC:  What do you enjoy most about the creative process?
Ben:  Being able to create music that is a reflection of ourselves and how we feel at the time.
MTC:   Tell us about the “History” single and video?  What was the inspiration behind the song and where can people request it?
Ben:  “History” is about Joe and I’s history in music and more of a positive message about what we intend for the future you can find that on spotify, youtube pretty much anywhere including our website www.LakeshoreOfficial.com
MTC:  Where can people find you all?
Ben:  www.Facebook.com/41Lakeshore & www.LakeshoreOfficial.com which has all of our links to various social media.
And there you have it!  In order to entice you to check out “41” by Lakeshore, here is their music video of their single entitled “History”.  Request it at your local rock stations and post it on your social media accounts!

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