Out of Brooklyn, New York is a duo that could be a hit in the indie-pop/folk-rock world in Pueblo!  On March 31st, the duo released their EP entitled “Boring The Camera”.

Judging by the album cover and the music, it just seems like people need to really get over themselves and that people are so-self absorbed that they are enslaved to their electronics and all of a sudden become in an unconscious state.  Pueblo really tries to convey that message into the music.  Social awkwardness, dealing with personal issues, and going through life like a hangover.  These themes are really conveyed in the EP closer entitled “Caffeine”.  Jonah Smith brings the lyrical consciousness and the organic, honest vocals to Pueblo, whereas  Julian brings a layering of percussion, lush guitars, and even a triangle that makes it sound like a full-on orchestrated band that would make Elliot Smith, Belle and Sebastian, and The Beatles(Revolver era) proud!

Another theme that Pueblo does an outstanding job in conveying is the theme of going through pain.  We are told so often in our lives to “suck it up, buttercup” or “you’re a man, don’t cry”.  Sometimes pain can be liberating because we are allowed to feel, Pueblo does a great job conveying that message in “Cry Etc.”.  “Drive Safe” offers a lush guitar solo that one would hear on AM Radio through a slow Sunday drive in a suburban village.  Pueblo also takes a quite tongue-in-cheek satirical vibe in “Nausea”, which seems to poke fun at those who won’t shut their mouth after having a few drinks at a party, and all they do is keep talking about their hangover. The arrangements of the instrumentation, along with the stripped down, organic feel of the music, makes Pueblo one of the more pure bands out there!

I see Pueblo making a name for themselves in the future! They don’t overdo the arrangements, they make it subtle yet quite apparent in the arrangements, and Jonah Smith has a voice that causes the listener to pay attention to the story!  This album is a solid 4 out 5 star rating!  Superb quality, a very palatable EP to listen to, and it has that stripped down, organic feel to it!  Here is the track listing below!

“Boring The Camera” by Pueblo

  1.  “Drive Safe”
  2.  “Nausea”
  3.  “Dictating Directions”
  4.  “Cry Etc.”
  5.  “Where You Are”
  6.  “Caffeine”

Check out the music video to “Dictating Directions” below!

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