It’s not everyday that I encounter countless historical references when I hear music.  In my view, that is the beauty of doom metal that Rome, Italy’s own Shores Of Null provide in their world of doom metal.

Shores of Null is composed of Davide Straccione on vocals, Gabriele Giaccari on guitars/background vocals, Raffaele Colace on guitars/background vocals, Matteo Capozucca on bass/screams, and Emiliano Cantiano on drums.  On April 14th, Shores Of Null will be releasing “Black Drapes for Tomorrow” via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records!  They are set to show the world what doom metal is all about.

I envision doom metal from their point of view as where the captives are bound up and being fed to the wolves and devoured in a sinister plot.  I envision a world filled with sadness, yet there are heaping amounts of symbolism and imagery in the musicianship and the arrangements of the music to tell the story of the eternal melancholy that they might be feeling.

Shores Of Null sets themselves apart from other bands in the doom metal genre in the sense that there is a reasonable amount of melody that has the octave range of a mainstream rock band ala Godsmack mixed with harmonic arrangements that bring about the doom and gloom in a band of Type O Negative meets Dimmu Borgir.  The musicianship has a ton of sensibilities that really cater to the senses of an individual where it makes it palatable to someone like myself that isn’t necessarily into the doom metal genre.  I feel like this band could offer a soundtrack to a movie about gladiators and various forms of mysticism, that’s how talented this band is!

“Tributary Waters” set the blackened landscape and songs ranging from the title track to “The Kolyma Route” really paint the picture of the vision of Shores Of Null, and that vision is that there is no hope for you and serenity for you has passed away.

I listened to this with an open mind and I must say this album gets a solid 3.5/5 star rating.  The guitars that Gabriele and Raffaele provide are interwoven to make an incredible tapestry and the vocal harmonies that bring about multiple octaves, especially when the bass voice sends chills down your spine make this quite a palatable and tasteful album for a doom metal record. Marco Mastrobuono, who has produced for Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour Of Penance, really brings about the dynamics for Shores Of Null. April 14th, this album is available via Candlelight/Spinefarm Records! Go pick it up!  Here is the track listing below!

“Black Drapes for Tomorrow” Track Listing:

  1.  “Tributary Waters”
  2.  “Donau”
  3.  “Tide Against Us”
  4.  “House Of Cries”
  5.  “Black Drapes For Tomorrow”
  6.  “The Enemy Within”
  7.  “Carry On, My Tiny Hope”
  8.  “We Ain’t Ashes”
  9.  “A Thousand Storms”
  10.  “The Kolyma Route”
  11.  “Death Of A River”

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