Out of San Diego, California comes a band that I feel has a lot of potential!  Hence why they are going to be in the “Unleash Them” feature for Madness To Creation!  I am referring to pop-punk band Mainsail!

Mainsail is composed of Nick Lanari on vocals/guitars, James Moyer on lead guitar, Brock Bentley on bass/backup vocals, and Isaac Park on drums.  They cite New Found Glory and The Starting Line as major influences.  On April 7th, Mainsail released their EP entitled “Photographs” via Indie Vision Music.

“Photographs” starts off with a poignant track entitled “My Storm”.  We see tight musicianship as Mainsail incorporates elements of progression and easy-core into their music.  The tempo changes are pretty seamless and they have pretty solid breakdowns in the instrumental break of this particular track.  “Let truth be my anchor/let hope calm my storm/and your love be the light that takes this sinking ship and points it home”,  really showcases a deep meaning in this song about how we put our hope in things that bound to disappointment.  It has a prayerful meaning to this song.  It’s catchy and accessible.

“Photographs”  breaks into “Impatience”.  From the onset, “Impatience” has a sense of urgency feel to it as it really incorporates fast-paced punk and alternative as the song talks about being bored from going through the motions of life.  Other lyrical content in this EP includes putting your faith in someone that’s bound to disappoint you as well as making memories.

If you need a positive outlet for your music that rocks but has a strong message, look no further than “Photographs” by Mainsail!  The breakdowns are solid and the guitar work by James Moyer leads the charge in this band!  I would rate this EP a solid 3.5/5 stars.  It is great for a quick listen on that morning drive to work and it does a great job introducing the masses to Mainsail!  Here is the track listing to “Photographs” below!

  1.  “My Storm”
  2.  “Impatience”
  3.  “Set In My Ways”
  4.  “Photographs”

Find Mainsail on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mainsailband and find them at their official website at www.mainsailpoppunk.com

Check out their single entitled “Impatience” below!

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