On April 28th, punk/easycore band Light The Way, out of Sacramento, California released their EP entitled “Dude, Lame” via Indie Vision Music.  This record is lighthearted, meaningful, and good solid music for the genre(s) that Light The Way represents.

Light The Way is composed of Andrew Carlin on vocals/guitar, Evan Sides on bass, Christian Appel on drums, and Robert Appel on lead guitars.  Light The Way has incorporated solid music with a solid positive messages throughout “Dude, Lame”.

“Dude, Lame” after the brief “Intro” transitions into the track entitled “So Stoked”.  The basslines and rhythm of this particular track screams of the driving rhythm that bands like Set Your Goals and MxPx offer.  The transitions are smooth and the guitars pack a punch during the bridge of the song as vocalist/guitarist Andrew Carlin could lead a powerful moment in the song leading the audience to “Whoa Oh” chants in the song.  I appreciate how the guitars are intertwined between Carlin’s rhythm work and Robert Appel’s lead guitar work.  The lead work doesn’t overpower the rhythm work and that’s a good thing.

This is a unique EP in the sense that there’s an old school Blink 182 vibe in the song “Stag Line”.  It is a track that has some angst to it, yet through the storytelling, they end up being okay with themselves no matter the negative circumstances that is going on in their life.  It is a powerful track about accepting yourself and how you will end up being broken if you let the negative circumstances define who you are in your life.

There are several unique elements offered in this power-packed EP by Light The Way.  For example, there’s a spoken word track with beautiful symphonic ambiance in the track entitled “Voices”.  It’s about letting go of the past and trying to get out of the wilderness.  There are obvious spiritual undertones in this track, yet it’s a universally relatable track to the listener.  The piano chords sound somber, yet reflective and contemplative in the track.  “Note To Self” is an acoustic punk track that talks about moving on from the past and moving on from the sins and mistakes that one might have made.  The theme in “Dead Head”, is about how Christians should embrace people that don’t necessarily believe instead of casting stones at nonbelievers.  I think those in the church need to heed that message.

Overall, “Dude, Lame” by Light The Way is a pretty solid effort.  It is an emotional punk/easycore record that has spiritual undertones and is packed full of positive vibes, it’s a meaningful record, and it’s a solid way to introduce the band.  3.5/5 star record, I appreciate the meaningful and positive vibes that the record offers, and the uniqueness that Light The Way provides by blending in an acoustic track and a spoken-word track within a punk/easycore album.  Here is the track listing to “Dude, Lame” below.

“Dude, Lame” by Light The Way

  1.  “Intro”
  2.  “So Stoked”
  3.  “Stag Line”
  4.  “Voices”
  5.  “Dead Head”
  6.  “Note To Self” (acoustic)

Here is an electric version of “Note To Self”, which is off of their EP entitled “Grace”. Check it out!

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