On April 7th, Pittsburgh/Ohio Valley’s own Defy The Tide released the EP entitled “Soteria” in true-DIY fashion.  The beauty about DIY is that there is total creative freedom in the writing and arrangement process.  Defy The Tide is ready!

Defy The Tide is composed of Carly Rose on vocals, Jesse Scott on guitars, Matthew Freide on guitars, Greg Fristick on bass, and Luke Tenley on drums.  Defy The Tide would tap Andrew D’Cagna of Brimstone Coven/Metal Blade Records for production of “Soteria”.

“Soteria” starts immediately with arena-rock ready guitar anthem with the opening track entitled “Traced In Flames”.  I was immediately struck by the dual guitar attack of Jesse Scott and Matthew Freide as they sweep, slay, and strike the chords at the most clutch opportunities.  Carly Rose comes in with her soaring vocals that immediately have a European symphonic metal flavor ala European symphonic metal heavyweights Within Temptation and Edenbridge.  The rhythm section of Greg Fristick on bass and Luke Tenley on drums is simply fantastic as they don’t overdo, they provide the drive and the blending between the vocals and the guitars.

“Catalyst” just annihilates.  “Catalyst” showcases the guitar solo wizardry that Defy The Tide will become a household name for guitar solos ala Iron Maiden.  “Primrose Path” showcases the grind-it out chugging rhythms and breakdowns and the shredding, while Carly Rose really displays her emotion and her anger in the vocals.  The rhythm section is powerful in “Primrose Path”.  “A Spectre In Silence” begins with an extremely infectious guitar riff while sweeping guitar work that will cause fans to raise their metal fingers.  It is soaring, anthemic, and powerful.

Defy The Tide take elements of power metal, classic metal, alternative metal, and symphonic metal and make it into their own creation.   I would say the sky is the limit but Defy The Tide, if they catch the right break, will go beyond that limit with their anthemic guitar chords, Carly’s classically trained voice, and a powerful rhythm section.  Defy The Tide should step on the gas pedal and go full speed ahead with “Soteria”.

Here is the track listing for “Soteria” below!

  1.  “Traced In Flames”
  2.  “Catalyst”
  3.  “Primrose Path”
  4.  “A Spectre In Silence”

Check out the lyric video to “Traced In Flames” below!

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