We all know that Seether is an absolute mainstay in the mainstream rock world.  Chances are a person will listen to a mainstream rock radio station and within an hour, at least one Seether song will come on the radio.  It’s plain to see why this consistently occurs.  It occurs because of the authenticity in their music, the soaring choruses, the melancholy tendencies in their lyrics that people can grab a hold onto, and that they combine elements of post-grunge, nu-metal, and mainstream rock in order to make this happen.  On May 12th, Seether released “Poison The Parish” via Canine Riot/Concord!

With all of the kneejerk reactions, anger, and constant division that American society and societies around the world are going through.  Seether has taken what mainstream media, organized religion, politics, and anything that controls people and proceeded to furiously write down these thoughts and created the most thought provoking, and angry-fueled album to this date.  They have also proceeded to become a bit heavier, a bit more of a mentality where Seether takes no prisoners, and unleashed a full-out sonic assault on “Poison The Parish”.

“Poison The Parish” doesn’t let the listener settle into what they have to stay when Seether starts off with “Stoke The Fire”.  “Stoke The Fire” is arguably the heaviest song that I’ve ever heard from Seether.  It is a perfect way to set the tone for the album, mainstream rock fans of their popular songs such as “Broken” featuring Amy Lee of Evanescence and their cover of “Careless Whisper” by Wham will be a bit shocked that Seether was able to unpack yet another layer of their element of music.  I argue that this showcases Shaun Morgan as one of the best frontmen in today’s mainstream rock because he helps offer sonic yet anthemic choruses for the downtrodden and his guitar work consistently packs a punch and strikes a chord with his fans.

“Betray and Degrade” eases the listener back in after the heavy hit of “Stoke The Fire”, it reminds me, in a way albeit a bit of a stretch” of old-school Seether in the “Fine Again” days, but it is a very political track that seems to take a strike at President Donald Trump, about how people that lead us say what people want to hear in order to get elected, and they turn their back on the ones that got the elected into office.

It is evident that Seether has found a newfound sense of creating their own destiny and fulfilling their purpose in tracks such as “Something Else”, “Count Me Out”, and “Against The Wall”.  In these tracks, Seether pushes the envelope in their creativity with soaring guitars that one might hear from an indie-rock/garage rock band, they offer different harmonies, and they offer a sense of progression in these moody tracks.  Yet, there is a sense of familiarity that will cause Seether fans to cling to them in tracks such as “I’ll Survive” and “Let You Down”.

With “Poison The Parish”, you do get Seether to push the envelope in various tracks, whether they choose to get a bit heavier, a bit louder, or they get that creative itch to try something different in a song in order to help them grow as a band.  You also do get the familiarity of Seether that we all know and love and with their newfound freedom in creating their art, we get the best that they have offered to this date.  This album is Seether without boundaries or any sort of limitations.  Job well freaking done Seether!

Here is the track listing to “Poison The Parish” below:

  1.  “Stoke The Fire”
  2.  “Betray and Degrade”
  3.  “Something Else”
  4.  “I’ll Survive”
  5.  “Let You Down”
  6.  “Against The Wall”
  7.  “Let Me Heal”
  8.  “Saviours”
  9.  “Nothing Left”
  10.  “Count Me Out”
  11.  “Emotionless”
  12.  “Sell My Soul”
  13.  “Feels Like Dying”
  14.  “Misunderstood”
  15.  “Take A Minute”

Here is the video to “Let You Down” below!

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