The one thing that I’ve noticed growing in the worldwide music scene is the rise of metal in various countries around the world.  I reviewed Siriun’s latest record and Budapest, Hungary’s own Omega Diatribe took time out of their busy schedules to contact “little ol’ me” aka Madness To Creation about reviewing this record.  It was an honor and a privilege that some band from Hungary of all places would be willing to contact our little corner of the interwebs to contact us for a review!  Thank you so much Omega Diatribe.

In 2015, the boys in Omega Diatribe released their EP entitled “Abstract Ritual”.  The story of Omega Diatribe begins when Gergely Komaromi on vocals, Akos Szathmary on bass, Gerjo Hader on guitars, Tamas Haflinger on guitars, and Tommy Kiss on drums all joined forces to create this band.  After studying this band, I’ve realized that they are more about a concept and exchanging dialogue with anyone who is willing to listen than “just another band”.  They are spreading this notion or belief that Omega Diatribe stems from an ancient writing, where an alien civilization gave a contract to the human race that they could populate the Earth for a limited time, and once the transmission happens, only open minded people can advance to a higher level planet.  Omega Diatribe recruited the legendary death-metal drummer Kevin Talley, (who drums for the likes of Daath, Feared, Sylencer, and Nothnegal) to provide some extra punch to the sounds of Omega Diatribe.

The guitars have a djent feel that one might hear in a Volumes or Meshuggah record.  Their take no prisoners attitude is definitely evident in the opening track entitled “Subsequent Phase”.  It starts of with grovelly, guttaral screams, and a sludgy/doom effect to the music while the guitar harmonics provide a dark ambiance to “Subsequent Phase”. Gergely offers gravel-voiced screams while Akos and Tommy provide a darker, more doom and gloom effect in the rhythm section.  The guitars interwine pretty nicely in this track.

The blast-beat intro in “Extrinsic” with machine-gun sounding rhythm section before Gergely comes in on his gravel voice is the definite standout moment.  The mid-tempo range in the rhythm section definitely serves its purpose.

Overall, a solid effort from Omega Diatribe who are trying to get their voices heard throughout this record.  “Abstract Ritual” is a solid way to introduce the world to what metal from Hungary sounds like!  It has djent flavor mixed with a bit of sludge and doom metal thrown into the mix.  This record will definitely be appreciated if you’re a fan of the more sludgy, primal sounds of metal.  If you want melodic vocals and arrangements, this is NOT the band for you, however, if you want a certain groove mixed with sludge and djent, then this is for you!

Fans can find Omega Diatribe at the following locations.  Please give them “likes” and “follows” on their social media accounts!

Here is the track listing to “Abstract Ritual” by Omega Diatribe

  1.  “Subsequent Phase”
  2.  “Extrinsic”
  3.  “Hydrozoan Periods”
  4.  “Abstract Ritual”
  5.  “The Quantum”
  6.  “Unshadowed Days” (Perception Remix)

They will be releasing a music video to “Hydrozoan Periods”.  In the meantime, check out the audio track to the aforementioned song below!

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