There is a band out of Germany that is visually stunning, jaw-dropping live, and that pulls out all of the stops when it comes to their live performance.  There’s a reason why they initially got worldwide recognition on the 1998 Family Values Tour that featured Korn, Limp Bizkit, Ice Cube, and Orgy with their stunning visual displays, outlandish antics, and enough pyrotechnics to light up the darkest skies.  On May 19th, Rammstein will be releasing their highly anticipated live album via cinema and Blu-Ray entitled “Live in Paris”.

The Intro is haunting yet leaves the listener sitting on the edge of their seat with anticipation based on what visual displays, outlandish antics, and theatrics that they will come up with next.  It really showcases the creativity of Rammstein, which is why they have proven over and over again why they are a worldwide mainstay in the industrial metal world.  After the Intro, Rammstein breaks into their classic entitled “Sonne”.

“Sonne” is so pleasing from an auditory standpoint.  The crowd participation is uncanny as they come out exploding and take people on the ultimate thrill ride that is Rammstein.  The audience singing along to the words of “Sonne” made it such an experience.  There is enough lights and pyrotechnics to go along with the extremely charismatic performance of Rammstein to make the viewer feel like they were right with the audience in Paris, France.

Their setlist tells one major theatrical story about anti-censorship, anti-government, and creating your own destiny.  Director Jonas Akerlund did an impeccable job of capturing Rammstein in their prime, which results in unique camera angles and stunning visual displays in cuts such as “Woltt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen”, to dark, yet glowing laser lights in “Mutter”, to the stunning displays of pyrotechnics in “Links 2, 3, 4”.  The film does a masterful job of showcasing audience participation in “Sonne” and the worldwide Rammstein classic “Du Hast”.  It showcases the emotions of the audience behind Rammstein’s lyrics along with the charismatic, yet outlandish antics of the notorious industrial metal band out of Germany.

“Live In Paris” is a stunning representation and it really displays why the world over is in constant demand for arguably one of the biggest bands in the metal world.  Their live performance is unforgettable as I’ve talked to people that still talk about their concert as if it happened years ago.  It took a 380,000 watt system, 25 trucks, 125 crew members, 100 loudspeakers, and a 15 meter high steel stage to create yet another priceless moment in the storied career of Rammstein.

May 19th, go pick up a copy of “Live In Paris” by Rammstein on Blu-Ray, Vinyl, digital, CD, or DVD!  Here is the track listing below that spans the 22 year career of Rammstein!

“Live In Paris” by Rammstein

  1.  “Intro”
  2.  “Sonne”
  3.  “Keinelust”
  4.  “Sehnsucht”
  5.  “Aschezuasche”
  6.  “Feuerfrei”
  7.  “Mutter”
  8.  “Meinteil”
  9.  “Duriechstsogut”
  10.  “Links 2,3,4”
  11.  “Du Hast”
  12.  “Haifisch”
  13.  “Bueckdish”
  14.  “Manngegenmann”
  15.  “Ohne Dich”
  16.  “Meinherzbrennt”
  17.  “Amerika”
  18.  “Ich Will”
  19.  “Engel”
  20.  “Pussy”
  21.  “Fruehling In Paris”

Check out the video to “Woltt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sahen?” by Rammstein

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