In the 2000’s, I miss the emo/punk sounds of bands like Hawthorne Heights, Mayday Parade, and Taking Back Sunday, where the music had its anthems of broken relationships, desperation to find that special someone, and letting your hair down.  It sounded somewhat angst, yet had a certain innocence and flair to it.  Well, in this “Unleash Them”, I am unleashing Detroit, Michigan’s own The Major Minor to you.  On May 12th, The Major Minor released their EP entitled “Different Light” via Imminence Records.

The Major Minor is composed of Dan Amaro on vocals, Ian Redman on guitars, Berto Garcia on vocals/guitars, Austin Dryer on bass, and Andrew Del Russo on drums.  They have a definite way of bringing back those memories where we want those last moments of living carefree and having those last moments before our innocence was lost.  This EP starts off with a track entitled “Nowhere Fast”.  I absolutely have adoration for the guitar tones and the intertwining of the guitars that Redman and Garcia have on display, as well as the background vocals that Garcia offers.  The choruses are catchy and soaring, which is what a classic pop/punk song should sound like.

“Plans For Two” bring about that teenage desperation of being that wallflower that wants to ask out their crush on a date, and how they want to be with that special someone.  It has that tale of knowing that they’re different, but take a chance on me anyways type of feel to it.  “Old Ally” has such a nice groove to it with such a driving rhythm section that Dryer provides on the bass and Del Russo provide on the drums.

Overall, I see The Major Minor doing well for themselves in the future.  “Different Light” is a solid way to introduce the masses to The Major Minor.  The world needs catchy music that you can rock out to and The Major Minor are certainly a candidate to provide that feeling from the 2000’s again.  Here is the track listing to “Different Light” by The Major Minor.

“Different Light” by The Major Minor

  1.  “Nowhere Fast”
  2.  “Plans For Two”
  3.  “Painful Transparencies”
  4.  “Old Ally”
  5.  “Different Light”
  6.  “Maps”

You can stream this EP in its entirety below!

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On Friday, June 9th, The Major Minor will be appearing at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Man Eating Lion, Tiny Kingdoms, Get Stoked, Swordfish, and Aim Lower.  Tickets are $10 and doors open at 7 PM.  If you’re in the area, enjoy a great night of music!

Here is the music video to “Maps” below!

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