On May 19th, Pete Lynch released “Kill The Monster” independently.  I think we have found a diamond in the rough with this one!

Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland and the Czech Republic, Pete Lynch is a true artist in every sense of the word.  Pete has hired on Tim Palmer, who has mixed for the likes of U2, Blue October, and Pearl Jam to create a total separation from his previous work entitled FACE ME! He took lyrics based upon his vision and views of the world, along with his personal life experiences to create one of the most introspective albums out there at this point.

The record sounds painful and full of hurt in one breath, with the track “Where Are You”, which seems to take on the issue of feeling despair after being abandoned to glancing at rays and glimmers of hope in the next breath in the single “Till The Rivers Run Dry”.  The album takes on experiments with harmony and melancholy in “The Silence”, which also nicely incorporates a lull of a rhythm section and a depressing ambiance in the background in order to neatly fit the mood of the track.  Pete Lynch even counted on his outside resources by adding lushful guitars played by Simon Hinkler, who is the British band The Mission.

Overall, if you’re a fan of works of Peter Gabriel with a Placebo meets Primitive Radio Gods sound, then look no further than Pete Lynch.  He is a true artist in every sense of the word with introspective lyrics, heartfelt melodies, and experiments with different tones and structures to make those that are into melody delightfully satisfied.  Go pick up a copy of “Kill The Monster” by Pete Lynch wherever records are sold.  Check out the music video to “Till The Rivers Run Dry” below!

“Till The Rivers Run Dry” by Pete Lynch

Track listing to “Kill The Monster” by Pete Lynch

  1.  “Kill The Monster”
  2.  “Come Down”
  3.  “Till The Rivers Run Dry”
  4.  “Scars”
  5.  “Where Are You”
  6.  “The Silence”
  7.  “Better Now”
  8.  “In Your Head”
  9.  “Make No Mistake”
  10.  “4010”
  11.  “Home”

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