First of all, I want to thank Kyle Bock of New Day Rising for reaching out to Madness To Creation to review this record!  Feel free to message me on here and I will do my best to get back to you!  On June 5th, Chicago Illinois’ own New Day Rising is releasing their EP entitled “Stay Strong”.  This EP is chocked full of sleek and driving guitar tones and heartfelt, emotional lyrics with strong vocals.

New Day Rising is composed of Kyle Bock on vocals/guitars, Andrew Hotze on drums, Alex Siemiawski on lead guitar, and Nick Siemiawski on bass.  New Day Rising formed in 2015, and they have seen immediate success with their singles “Blindsided” and “All Hope Is Gone”, in which that video has amassed over 10,000 hits on YouTube.  That is not too shabby for a band that is starting out.  They have already shared the stage with the likes of Through Fire, Huntress, and Puddle of Mudd, which is a great start for the upstarts from Chicago.

“Stay Strong” starts off with a compelling “Intro” that serves what an introduction to an album should consist of, and that is grabbing the attention of the listener and leaving the listener in anticipation on what’s coming next, then it transitions into “Holding On”, it was a pretty decent segue into the album.  I feel that the album gets stronger as it goes on.  So far, I am digging the soaring choruses and the power chords of the album.

There are a few defining moments on this EP, in which New Day Rising will begin to see their potential realized to get to the next level.  “Apathy” starts off with some strong harmonic guitar tones with a powerful rhythm section guiding the band through that road less traveled.  Kyle does a great job in this track in displaying a strong voice that can carry through an impressive range.  “Pushing Me Away” offers some really cool breakdowns and harmonics that provide an ambiance in the breakdowns.  This song sticks out to me with the seamless tempo changes and a powerful chorus.  And the outro with the beautiful guitar solo really enhances “Pushing Me Away”, it is that type of moment that helps define who New Day Rising is becoming.  Having these standout moments is what “Stay Strong” needs in order to keep pushing New Day Rising to that next level.  If New Day Rising capitalizes on these opportunities and moments, I see them doing well for themselves in the future.  They get a solid 3.5/5 star moment from me for offering me some glimpses of those moments in rock that they are capable of having, and that is what is missing from the mainstream rock genre is that memorable riff, that part in a song that causes you to get drawn in to the music, and New Day Rising is helping the listeners find hope in finding those special moments in rock again.  It’s mainstream rock that is meaningful and heartfelt and not formula based, and Heaven knows that is what is needed in a genre that is somewhat stale today!

On Saturday, June 24th, New Day Rising will be sharing the stage with the likes of gravesend, Legacy At Heart, and Speaking With Ghosts at The Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois.  Doors open at 6:30, tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door!  If you’re in the area, get to this show!  Please check out New Day Rising at the following locations:

Here is the track listing to “Stay Strong” by New Day Rising.

Check out the lyric video to “Pushing Me Away” below!

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