Out of Hanover and Stuttgart, Germany is a trio that is filthy, disgusting, and grimy for all the right reasons.  This is the way rock music should be!  That band is Nitrogods!

On May 26th, Nitrogods will be releasing “Roadkill BBQ” via Steamhammer/SPV records.  They have toured from the inception since forming out of the ashes of Freedom Call, Primal Fear, and Sinner.  Nitrogods is composed of Oimel Larcher on bass/vocals, Henny Wolter on guitars, and Klaus Sperling on drums.  “Roadkill BBQ” is the follow-up to their 2014 release entitled “Rats and Rumours”.

Nitrogods have dedicated this album as a memorial to those recent musicians that have fallen between “Rats and Rumours” and “Roadkill BBQ”.  They start off with a grimy, gritty boogie-woogie style of track entitled “Rancid Rock”.  The title track is apropos to what Nitrogods is attempting to accomplish in their music.  It’s that feeling where you come home from a long day of work in a sweltering day at a water-treatment plant, but you don’t give a crap on how you smell or how you present yourself, because you just want to freaking rock out!  The title track pays homage to those that came before them, it would make animal rights activists protest naked and find their safe space, however, Nitrogods with a mouthful of a turkey drumstick comes along mid-protest and slathers the track with some Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and proceed to melt your face.  It’s not for the faint of heart! Plus, besides Nitrogods, who would compare love to a wirebrush?  They sure did with “My Love’s A Wirebrush”.  It’s that leaving scratches down your back style of love with this track and they proceed to give you a Cleveland Steamer while doing so.  That’s Nitrogods.  “Boogeyman” brings about that feeling that has that old-school Motorhead feel that makes you want to just get down and rock.  It even haves that blues-rock feel that has incredible guitar tone and rhythm section in “The Price Of Liberty”.

If you’re looking for a ballad, go screw off and listen to some Bad English’s crap entitled “When I See You Smile”.  If you’re looking for a poser band, go screw off and listen to “Something In Your Mouth” by Nickelback.  However, if you just want to rock and get dirty where you have to get checked by a doctor after listening to them, rock out to some Nitrogods.   This is a 5 star record!  I’ve been waiting for some grimy rock in a long time and Nitrogods comes and saves the day!  Check out the track listing below!

“Roadkill BBQ” by Nitrogods

  1.  “Rancid Rock”
  2.  “Roadkill BBQ”
  3.  “My Love’s A Wirebrush”
  4.  “Boogeyman”
  5.  “Bad Place Wrong People”
  6.  “Wheelin'”
  7.  “A Los Muertos”
  8.  “The Price Of Liberty”
  9.  “Race To Ruin”
  10.  “I Hate”
  11.  “Father”
  12.  “Where Have The Years Gone”
  13.  “Russian Rocket”
  14.  “Did Jesus Turn Water Into Beer”

Check out the music video to “Boogeyman” below!

Check out the tour dates for Nitrogods below!

26.05. D-Wuppertal – Live Club Barmen

27.05. D-Arnsdorf – Rainy Days

03.06. D-Aerzen – Schrappmühlen Open Air

09.06. D-Nürtingen – Kuckucksei

10.06. D-Starnberg – Food Rock Festival

16.06. D-Homberg – MISE Open Air

24.06. I-Natz – Alpen Flair

15.07. D-Manrode – Fest Evil

28.07. D-Essen – Nord Open Air

…more dates to follow incl. more EU Shows!



Special Guests: MF Ruckus (USA) + Kickin Valentina (USA)

29.09. D-Hamburg – Logo

30.09. D-Klingenthal – Gambrinus

01.10. D-Erfurt – From Hell

02.10. D-Mannheim – 7er Club

03.10. D-München – Backstage

04.10. D-Stuttgart – Cann

05.10. D-Düsseldorf – Pitcher

06.10. D-Hagen aTW – Stock

07.10. D-Oldenburg – Cadillac






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