Out of Los Angeles, California is a band that is developing a solid fanbase because of their nostalgic ways in the nu-metal genre.  Dirty Machine has received some solid press over the past several weeks with their video entitled “Discord”, some friendly reviews and some not-so-friendly reviews.  They have also met Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, which to me is all about making connections in the business. Dirty Machine has also shared the stage with the likes of Ghost, Sixx AM, Disturbed, Trivium, Hell Yeah, Alien Ant Farm, Otep, Metalachi, and Orgy. On May 26th, Dirty Machine is releasing “Discord” via Zombie Shark Records.  Zombie Shark Records is the new label from Noah “Shark” Robertson of Motograter/The Browning fame.

“Discord” starts off with the title track.  It has the nu-metal flavorings of bands like 3rd Strike, Apex Theory(remember those dudes), and Limp Bizkit.  The rhythm is decent, however the turntable sample where it goes “You, You A Liar” is not only grammatically incorrect, but I feel that it doesn’t offer anything to the song.  If you’re into the rap-metal genre, it’s not a bad song.  I would just like to see the song take the listener places. While it’s catchy and the guitar tones are decent, it just doesn’t have the staying power that it needs in order to be a mainstay on the radio.  “Seeds” has more of a modern feel to it with nu-metal nuances.  The rhythm section is the driving force of this song, and I do appreciate the background vocalist taking charge of the chorus, which I feel enhances this track.  “Self Made Hero” is kind of all over the place, it has that mosh-pit feel to it, and it talks about quitting a job and how their mind is jaded, so they’re going to quit their job.  Okay then.  Well, that escalated quickly, however, I feel that was what the intention of Dirty Machine was, and that is to be that bottle that has been shaken up, and when the lid is released, then it explodes  “C4” seems to be poking fun at themselves when the outro goes, “let’s do it again, this song sucks”, seemed out of left field, but maybe it’s because at times they are tongue-in-cheek. However, there are a few highlights in “Discord”.

In the same token, the DJ doesn’t do his work in vain, “Ecusa’s Nightmare” has some pretty sweet samples and scratches that intertwine with the guitars and the rhythm section.  It shows that Dirty Machine is trying to be all experimental on yo’ asses, which I appreciate.  However, I question the placement of the track.  This would have been a killer intro to the album.  This is a legit highlight of the record.  I really think it would have had more effect if it would’ve opened up the album, especially when I like to listen to an album from front to back whereas the millenials like to listen via shuffle mode.  This record is not all for naught.  Another highlight is the track after “Ecusa’s Nightmare” entitled “Built”.  “Built” has that WWE Superstar/UFC Fighter type of entrance, or it has that PPV placement quality that could provide for a quality theme of a WWE/UFC pay-per-view.  I also enjoy the instrumental break and guitar tones in “Wonka”.  Looking for that golden ticket I see.  See what I did there?  But I digress.

If you’re a nu-metal fan, this will bring back the nostalgic feelings that you remember with the saggy khaki pants, Stussy t-shirt, and backwards baseball cap with highlighted spikes in the hair.  It has the aforementioned highlights that I enjoy from this record, but in large part,  I wanted to see more continuity in this record and I want those moments in a record where I want to listen to it from front to back, Dirty Machine doesn’t necessarily offer that for me, however, if this is your style, then give them a shot.  I can understand why this band has an audience, as they do have those hooks that are necessary for the nu-metal genre.  Their flow and lyrical content does appeal to the teenage angst and those who are disgruntled from a bad work life or a bad relationship, personally, I’m not feeling it, but it doesn’t mean that my readers can’t get something out of this, because they can.  I want to see more from Dirty Machine such as moments offered from “Seeds”, “Ecusa’s Nightmare”, and “Built”, which I think they have the ability to find as they grow as a band.  I genuinely hope that they grow where they become more cohesive as a band to where they can make this record more appealing to the casual rock listener.

Here is the music video to “Discord” by Dirty Machine

Here’s Dirty Machine on tour:

July 22nd – IPO Radio Fest in Tucson, AZ

Aug 11th – Whisky A Go-Go w/ Corey Feldman




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