When you’ve created an album with your old band The Misfits entitled “Earth AD/Wolf’s Blood” that is so groundbreaking that Metallica themselves have covered The Misfits on their “Garage, Inc.” cover/b-sides/rarities album, you know that you’re a groundbreaker in the music industry.  Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein formed his new vision entitled Doyle, which seems to be an extension from where The Misfits have left off.  Today, Doyle is releasing “As We Die” via Monsterman Records.

Doyle has recruited Alex Story of Cancerslug to help with ghoulish, horror movie themed vocals as well as Brandon “The Crusher” Pertzborn of Black Flag fame on the drums.  It has the thunderous riffs that are expected from Doyle’s guitars as well as impeccable timing on the drums by Pertzborn.  “As We Die” starts off with the track “Kiss Me As We Die”.

“Kiss Me As We Die” really showcases the lyrical prowess that Story possesses.  There is no light at the end of the tunnel in the lyrics, they are penned straight from the horror movies that we are accustomed to in American culture.  I appreciate the storytelling vivid imagery that Story pens throughout this track.  The guitars are thunderous and the rhythm section brings about the nightmarish ghouls that really help paint the picture of this album.  The album gets surprisingly anthemic in a dark, sinister sort of fashion in “Run For Your Life”.  It showcases that the chorus is catchy while not sounding cheesy at all in the lyrical content.

In terms of Doyle’s guitar works, Doyle offers an ample amount of squeals and guitar attacks, in particular in the songs “Virgin Sacrifice”, “God Of Flies”, and “Darkside”.  Pertzborn offers a real quality drum solo before the song absolutely kicks in in “Run For Your Life”.  The rhythm will cause the unsure to move about in place and get down with their bad selves in “We Belong Dead”.  There is a bit of a bluesy guitar riff offered up by Doyle mixed in with some intense 80’s power-metal meets sludge metal grooves.

Doyle knows how to recruit bandmates in order to round out his vision.  There is an obsession continued with a Doyle record, and that is for all things unholy and sinister, while portraying obsessions with fantasy and horror films.  Overall, this is an enjoyable record that only Doyle can make enjoyable.  That’s why The Misfits have beared that torch all of those years, and that’s why Doyle, with the help of his band will continue to influence and carry on that torch for the coming years.  Go pick up a copy of “As We Die” by Doyle wherever music is sold or at your favorite digital online retailer.  Here is the track listing below.

“As We Die” by Doyle

  1.  “Kiss Me As We Die”
  2.  “Beast Like Me”
  3.  “God Of Flies”
  4.  “Run For Your Life”
  5.  “Darkside”
  6.  “Witchcraft”
  7.  “King Of The Undead”
  8.  “Virgin Sacrifice”
  9.  “We Belong Dead”
  10.  “Show No Mercy”
  11.  “Dark Gods Arise”
  12.  “Blood On The Axe”
  13.  “Night Of Sin”

Doyle is touring with special guests Davey Suicide in support of “As We Die”.  Check out the tour dates below!

Friday, June 2nd @ Ground Zero in Spartanburg, SC
Saturday, June 3rd @ The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA
Sunday, June 4th @ Nighthawks in Jacksonville, FL
Monday, June 5th @ Respectables in West Palm Beach, FL
Tuesday, June 6th @ The Haven in Winter Park, FL
Wednesday, June 7th @ The Orpheum in Tampa, FL
Thursday, June 8th @ Southpark Music Hall in New Orleans, LA
Saturday, June 10th @ The Rock Box in San Antonio, TX
Sunday, June 11th @ Trees in Dallas, TX
Monday, June 12th @ Come and Take It Live in Austin, TX
Tuesday, June 13th @ Scout Bar in Houston, TX
Wednesday, June 14th @ Thunder Alley in Oklahoma City, OK
Friday, June 16th @ Club Red in Mesa, AZ
Saturday, June 17th @ Brick by Brick in San Diego, CA
Sunday, June 18th @ Malone’s in Santa Ana, CA
Monday, June 19th @ Beauty Bar in Las Vegas, NV
Tuesday, June 20th @ Liquid Joe’s in Salt Lake City, UT
Wednesday, June 21st @ Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs, CO
Thursday, June 22nd @ Aftershock in Merriam, KS
Friday, June 23rd @ RT Quinnians in Duluth, MN
Saturday, June 24th @ The Reverb – Waterloo, IA
Sunday, June 25th @ Home Bar in Arlington Heights, IL
Monday, June 26th @ Frankie’s in Toledo, OH
Wednesday, June 28th @ Dingbatz in Clifton, NJ
Thursday, June 29th @ Evening Star Hall in Niagra Falls, NY
Here is the music video to “Run For Your Life” below!
Check out Doyle on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OFFICIALDOYLE

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