Out of Sweden is a songstress that showcases a sense of authenticity that is extremely refreshing in the singer/songwriter genre, and this woman has all the potential in the world to break out on the world stage, and that woman is Adna.

On March 17th, 2017, Adna released her third album entitled “Closure”, which is a follow-up to her critically acclaimed record entitled “Run Lucifer”.  Adna seems to have taken the concept of this woeful culture that everything is meaningless and that we all have that little bit of darkness and despair in our lives that we tend to pack away into the depths of our souls and she has stripped her soul bare and created one of the most beautiful, yet wonderfully broken albums that I have heard in a long time.

Adna has sang for human rights at international conferences, she has had television placements for the hit American TV show “Bones”, and she has drawn comparisons to Daughter and Bon Iver, however, there is a mystery and a sense of darkness to the songs of Adna.  It is one of those albums where the listener strongly desires to be that proverbial “fly on the wall” and wonder exactly what Adna was going through when she penned the songs that she did, and also the ambiance in the songs sounds like a combination of an after-hours party where everyone is winding down from their stupor for the night and the background music to a funeral arrangement.  It is THAT dark and moody in this record.

Adna’s croons are evident in a beautiful combination of a powerful voice and a voice that sounds absolutely broken in tracks such as “If” and “Soaked Eyes”.  “Soaked Eyes” has beautiful, yet haunting harmonies while the acoustic guitar sweeps through as if it sounded like a classical piece of music in the arrangement.  “Now” also showcases the melancholy in this record.  “Now” seems to talk about how this moment is all that we are guaranteed in life, yet it can be a very depressing thing if you don’t have anything to live for that is beyond this moment that you have.  Adna does an impeccable job of displaying that emotion in this record.  The synth chords in “Now” sounds simple, yet quite profound and complex in that particular track.  The beginning haunting choir and profound drums in “Hide Me In Smoke” along with a somber piano arrangement make “Closure” really stand out.  The chorus seems to pick up a bit, showcase that there is a sense of power through the pain of this record.

“Closure” is one of those albums where the listener feels absolutely wiped out after listening to it.  Trust me, as I’m listening to this record, I’m writing this review on pure adrenaline and I’m starting to feel zapped after listening to “Closure”.  It is wonderfully somber and broken.  “Closure” really reminds me how fragile life can be and how if we take simple moments for granted, that it can be a depressing thing to miss out on the little things that life can offer.  In the end, this record showed me that life is beautiful despite how broken and fragile we can be at times.  The world absolutely needs to get to know Adna.  This concept piece gets a 5-star rating due to the profound arrangements along with Adna doing an impeccable job of displaying various emotions in her voice, which comes from her soul and her natural talent that she has as a songstress.

In the meantime, check out the track listing below!

“Closure” by Adna

  1.  “Closure”
  2.  “Overthinking”
  3.  “Leave”
  4.  “Now”
  5.  “Thoughts”
  6.  “If”
  7.  “Soaked Eyes”
  8.  “Hide Me In Smoke”
  9.  “Someone’s Someone”

Check out the music video to “Thoughts” by Adna

You can find Adna at the following locations:


Adna fans can check out Adna at the Sebright Arms in London, England on Wednesday, June 21st.  Show time is at 7:30 London time!

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