This past February, Sweden’s own Satan Takes A Holiday unleashed a fun, sonic assault on the masses entitled “Aliens” via Despotz Records!

Satan Takes A Holiday is composed of Fred Burman on guitars/vocals, Jonannes Lindsjoo on bass, and Danne McKenzie on drums.  They began as a normal band would, by seeing a kickass festival and deciding that they wanted to do this for a living.

“Aliens” is chocked full of irony and taking a serious look at various issues while seemingly subtle with a dry sense of humor or that subtle tongue-in-cheek vibe to the music.  It mixes old-school punk, with the mentality of Talking Heads, while having that boogie-woogie squeals and breakdown of that bass ala Eagles Of Death Metal and Clutch.

“Aliens” starts off with “Good Cop, Bad Cop”, here they know how to take a horrible situation, where it has at that Jack White of The White Stripes vibe mixed in with the groove and heaviness of a band like Rage Against The Machine.  It looks at the situation where one is constantly made out to be the bad guy for the sake of the other person in the situation coming out smelling like roses.  I absolutely love what is going on the instrumental break, in which Satan Takes A Holiday showcases the music is supposed to be boogie-woogie, and it’s supposed to be an absolutely good time.  The main thing I take away from this track is how energetic and how well it would translate on the live stage.  “Aliens” transitions into “The Beat”, holy guacamole Batman, what an absolutely fun song to listen to!

“The Beat” has that old school feel with a new-school alternative flavor to it.  The guitar riffs are as contagious as an epidemic and the rhythm section is as groovy, so groovy that a Soul Train line dance is about to bust on up in this mug at any second!  “The Beat” is a social commentary about a person that battles with anxiety and that person is getting ready to go to a house party.  At the end, Satan Takes A Holiday is telling you to not worry about what others think of you, and just be yourself.  “Ladder To Climb” has a surfer rock, 1970’s glam rock/punk rock vibe to it.  It is so dirty that you feel like taking a shower after listening to the song.  I picture this band setting up shop in a rundown garage and just rocking out at the local house party to this song!

Satan Takes A Holiday is bringing the boogie-woogie fun back to music!  What a refreshing change of pace that they offer in “Aliens”.  This is supposed to be fun, this music thing, and Satan Takes A Holiday are the center of that party!  This is the type of music that steals girlfriends and they do it with a wink and a smile!  Here is the track listing to “Aliens” below!

“Aliens” by Satan Takes A Holiday

  1.  “Good Cop, Bad Cop”
  2.  “The Beat”
  3.  “Ladder To Climb”
  4.  “Get You Girl”
  5.  “Iron Pipe”
  6.  “More Is More”
  7.  “Born At Night”
  8.  “Queen Mother”
  9.  “Love Me Like I Love Me”
  10.  “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”
  11.  “Wrinklay”

Here is the music video to “Ladder To Climb”

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