In June 2004, it abruptly came crashing down as Jibe called it quits.  They had a Top 30 Active Modern Rock single with “Yesterday’s Gone”, which became the sports anthem for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League and they were becoming staples on college radio stations in Texas and Louisiana and other states in the South.  Jibe’s fans wondered what happend.  Long story short, frontman Joe Grah left for Los Angeles for three days without telling anyone and that he was fighting to get clean from alcohol and drugs.  Now that Joe is clean and sober, Jibe is back and better than ever!

Out of Dallas, Texas, Jibe is composed of Joe Grah on vocals, Toby Bittenbender on guitars, Ben Jeffries on drums, and Corey Tatro on bass.  On June 9th, the triumphant return of Jibe officially begins with their release of “Epic Tales of Human Nature”.  Let me tell you, it is a crying shame that they’re not bigger than what they are.  Dallas needs to show the rest of the world what’s up with Jibe!

“Epic Tales of Human Nature” starts off with “Children Of The Sun”.  I am immediately awestruck by the guitar work of Bittenbender and the emotions behind this track.  It has such a throwback feel to it.  You take the 1990’s grunge rock of a band like Spacehog or Mr. Bungle, and you throw in some Bono-tinged vocals with a shot of testosterone(not that Bono is a wimp), and you put in some classic rock grooves that will cause you to move about it place, and you get the concoction that is Jibe.  “Broken City” sounds like a protest song, like a call-to-arms, “we’ve had enough” kind of vibe to the sound.  The chorus is a bit too repetitive for my liking, but I’m someone that likes the point to be short and sweet.

The grooves and the rhythm section will cause you to move about in place.  This is what is missing so much from today’s music, the guitar riff.  The hook that suckers you in like Mante T’eo finding a girl on the Internet.  The guitar grooves are absolutely evident “The Human Condition” and “Release”.  It is the return of the guitar riff!  Joe also pours his soul into each and every song.  By the voice, it is evident that Joe is a living embodiment of having a second chance at life, and a second chance to get to do what he loves.  The powerful vocals are evident in songs like “Change”, “Best I Ever Had”, and the album closer “Bravery”.

Jibe is back and they have reunited with a mission, with guns ablazing, and a new sense of purpose that they will affect and win over the hearts of every person that gets an opportunity to listen to them or hear them perform live!  This album gets a solid 4/5 star rating.  There are no fillers, just grooves, riffs, hooks, and powerful songs in this offering! Check out the track listing below!

“Epic Tales of Human Nature” by Jibe

  1.  “Children Of The Sun”
  2.  “Broken City”
  3.  “The Human Condition”
  4.  “Release”
  5.  “Girl On A Hill”
  6.  “A Shadow In The Garden”
  7.  “Change”
  8.  “We’ve Only Just Begun”
  9.  “Don’t Give It All Away”
  10.  “Waiting”
  11.  “Best I Ever Had”
  12.  “Sanctuary”
  13.  “Bravery”

Jibe is having a CD Release Party at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, July 8th.  Check out .  To learn more about Jibe, please go to .

In the meantime, you can check out “We’ve Only Just Begun” by Jibe below!

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