One of the many good things about attending local shows is the element of surprise.  I was recently attending a show in Keokuk, Iowa that featured Five Fold and one of the opening bands was Best Kept Secret.  “Who is that?” I wondered aloud to another patron; well, after only a few songs, “Who is that?” quickly turned into “Man!  I’ve got to get to know these guys!”

Best Kept Secret is based out of Hannibal, Missouri and plays many venues in the Tri-States area of Northeast Missouri/Southeast Iowa/West Central Illinois.  The band is comprised of Andy Kaden on lead vocals, Jeff Hendrix on drums, Robbie Albright and Chris Thacker on guitar, and Warren Riley on bass.

I recently had a chance to meet these guys and gather some thoughts on their current lineup, influences, and what we can expect from seeing them live and in the future.  

Fernetti:  Your bio admits there have been numerous lineup changes over time…what brought the current configuration of Best Kept Secret together?

Best Kept Secret:  Well…it’s kind of a long story, but the simplified version is as follows:  Jeff and Robbie have actually been playing together for the better part of fifteen years.  After their band Lost Hollow broke up they met up with Andy and a couple of us from the original BKS lineup.  Eventually, things didn’t work out with that either and we took a two year break.  We came back with the current lineup.

Fernetti:  Cool!  That happens a lot where one band forms where and when another ended!  What musician or which bands in particular have had an influence on your style?

BKS:  Basically all classic rock…blues.  Papa Roach, Saliva, Alter Bridge, Buckcherry.  Bands like that.

Fernetti:  Yep, you guys definitely have a classic sound that suits you very well!  And, I had Buckcherry in my mind when asking that question!

The song that sticks out the most to me when I listen to you guys is “Love and Hate.”  Care to discuss the process in writing that song?

BKS:  Chris came up with the riff.  He and Jeff jammed it for a while and then Robbie came up with the intro and intricate background guitar lines layering with Chris’ rhythm.  Andy sat and came up with the lyrics while we worked out the song structure and after the lyrics were written we molded the lyrics and music together, making adjustments until it sounded the way we wanted as a whole.

Fernetti:  True teamwork right there!  What can fans expect to experience when seeing you live?

BKS:  Energy, excitement, interaction, and just all out fun!

Fernetti:  Agreed!  I really enjoyed seeing you guys a few weeks ago at L-Treyns (Keokuk, Iowa), so…what’s next?

BKS:  For now, we’re just lining up more shows and hope to have some announcements in the near future!

In the immediate future, Best Kept Secret can be seen at L-Treyns in Keokuk, Iowa (as part of a big show with Bobaflex, Shallow Side, and Caught in the Crypt) June 23rd and at Finn’s Food and Spirits in Hannibal, Missouri on June 30th.  For now, please check out their Facebook page for more information and links to their music ( well as the video below for their song “Trying to Live.”


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