Out of Leeds, England is an indie-rock duo that is bound to capture some major attention if the proverbial cards are played right, and that band is known as Kamikaze Girls.  On June 9th, Kamikaze Girls released their debut full-length record entitled “Seafoam”, which is via Wiretap Records and Big Scary Monsters!

The Kamikaze Girls duo is composed of Lucinda Livingstone on vocals/guitars and Conor Dawson on drums.  They touch upon really difficult subjects such as Lucinda’s personal struggles with anxiety and depression in order to not only provide soothing healing for herself and her personal demons, but so that others may be able to relate to what she goes through in her struggles.

It has such a groovy throwback 1990’s feel to it, it is as if it was recorded based upon the pure, raw emotion of the record.  The guitars that Lucinda provide kind of provide a crunch, yet there’s enough distortion in the guitars to where she provides that backdrop in the sound, and Conor absolutely slays on the drums.  One can relate to the struggles and the instruments and Lucinda’s vocals are displayed in a bluesy/punkish feel in “Good For Nothing”.  There is anger and frustration, with a sonic aggression in “KG Goes To The Pub”.  “KG Goes To The Pub” is undoubtedly the hardest-hitting track on “Seafoam”.  The songs are written in an infectious, righteous sort of anger as if the Kamikaze Girls needed this as an emotional outlet.  “Lights & Sounds” have that back alleyway feel to it, yet you can see the streetlight in the distance.  The guitar solo with Lucinda blending in her vocals is a moment that I will always remember about Kamikaze Girls no matter what point of their career that they may achieve.  It is that magical!

Kamikaze Girls deserve to be recognized for their angst, emotional rage, mixed with different vibes of vulnerability throughout the record.  “Seafoam” is one of the more eclectic records I’ve listened to, and that’s quite an accomplishment for a duo to accomplish this feat.  This album deserves a solid 4/5 star rating, due to the arrangements that Kamikaze Girls provide in this offering, the lyrics that touch on some quite difficult subjects, and that the duo can both slay on their respective instruments.   Check out the track listing to “Seafoam” by Kamikaze Girls below!

“Seafoam” by Kamikaze Girls
1.  “One Young Man”

2.  “Berlin”

3.  “Teenage Feelings”

4.  “Good For Nothing”

5.  “KG Goes To The Pub”

6.  “Lights & Sounds”

7.  “Deathcap”

8.  “Weaker Than”

9. “Unhealthy Love”

10.  “I Don’t Want To Be Sad Forever”

11.  “Anxious” (bonus track)

Here is the music video to “Deathcap” by Kamikaze Girls

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