Today, guitarist Ray Suhy, who shreds for underground metal heavyweights Six Feet Under and Cannabis Corpse, released his little instrumental metal diddy entitled “Fulmination”.  “Fulmination” is a quick, compact EP that only has four songs, which makes this instrumental metal EP palatable even to the metalhead that prefers the lyrics, singing, and screaming to go along with their metal palate!  “Fulmination” is released via Cessation Engine Records.

“Fulmination” by Ray Suhy has been in the works for about seven years now as Suhy has been consistently touring and writing with Six Feet Under and Cannabis Corpse for a good portion of his career.  It also is a fantastic take on where Suhy was at different stages in his career and the creative process behind the “Fulmination” EP!

“Fulmination” starts off with a track that was supposed to be in Suhy’s old band called East Of The Wall.  The track is entitled “Cerulean”.  “Cerulean”, according to Suhy, is where he wanted to limit himself to four notes on the guitar and see what he can come up with.  The thing that immediately sticks out to the listener is that the textures seamlessly shift and that in this track Suhy just absolutely shreds and showcases that balances between him being a guitar virtuoso and having the instrumental take the listener on that high-speed journey in “Cerulean”.

“Fulmination” continues on with the title track and with “Subjugation”.  There are parts in there where it showcases Suhy’s influences as a guitarist and as a musician.  There are bits where there’s that open ended guitar riffs in the title track that Mastodon fans absolutely crave and in parts of “Subjugation”, 19 year old drummer Victor Montanaro showcases his technical prowess on the drums while Suhy plays with an energy that we start to understand where kinetic energy comes from for those that are into physics.

The EP closing track “Cess Pool” is the absolute standout to this EP.  It has bits of acoustic flavoring and it showcases what Suhy excels at, and that is the thrash/death metal style of guitar playing.  It’s evident that Suhy was probably listening to a Behemoth record while crafting this song.  It’s born of chaos and it’s a full-on relentless sonic assault for the listener.

The only thing that I would change on this EP from the listener perspective, is while I understand it’s supposed to showcase Ray Suhy’s work as a musician and as a guitarist in this project, I wanted to hear Victor Montanaro’s work as a drummer even more.  Maybe amp up the production on the drummer.  At the same token, this is what makes “Fulmination” stand out upon further examination of the EP.  I can see that would be a difficult balance in this project.  It sounds raw and it sounds like friends getting together for a jam session and they happen to create instrumental stories throughout this EP.  The work is carefully constructed and crafted and Suhy did put in a lot of time to create this project, especially with him being in Six Feet Under and Cannabis Corpse.  “Fulmination” by Ray Suhy gets a 4/5 star rating because while it sounds very technical, it really allows the listener to examine the side of Ray Suhy as a musician and his thought processes behind crafting these songs, and to me, that’s what an instrumental piece of music should do.  Here is the track listing to “Fulmination” by Ray Suhy.

“Fulmination” by Ray Suhy

  1.  “Cerulean”
  2.  “Fulmination”
  3.  “Subjugation”
  4.  “Cess Pool”

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In the meantime, check out the video to “Cerulean” by Ray Suhy!

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