Out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada is a band that is surely bound to take every stage that they embark on by storm, and that band is Era 9.  Era 9 recently released their full-length album DIY-style entitled “Gravity”, in which you can pick it up at all digital online retailers and when they’re on tour!

Era 9 is a “trap-rock” quintet composed of Laurie Normandin on vocals, Anthony Lalla on vocals, Jona Dhe Paganon on guitars, and rounding out the rhythm section is Joe D’adamo, and Marco Leclerc.  I first caught a glimpse of Era 9 as they provided direct support for VYCES and Never Say Die at their stop at Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa, and due to Dave, vocalist of VYCES, hyping them up to me, I decided to take a chance, support a touring band, and purchased their full-length album entitled “Gravity”, and let me tell you, their album will not be leaving my car stereo system for a long time!

“Gravity” starts off with an influential guitar driven track entitled “Ammunition”.  “Ammunition” would be a great concert opener, as it kicks off with a rhythm section and guitar beat like something from Wayne Static of Static-X fame would embark with the incorporated screams, then the song takes you on an emotional roller coaster with rapcore elements, beautiful emotional singing by Laurie that are pop-tinged ala something that is a mix of Hayley Williams of Paramore and Skylar Grey.  The EDM kicks in during the instrumental break, and it breaks down into an absolute sick “drop” beat ala trap or dubstep music.  This concoction is something that a mad scientist would mix and would create a totally new element that is infectious, and wonderfully contagious, with such a small half-life that it would not wear out, it would stick with people for such a long time.  The science nerd came out in me!

“Gravity” kicks into their single “Warrior”.  The vocals in the first verse blend in really well, then it kicks into a serious rapcore element and then the thrill ride slows down as Laurie causes you to swoon with her incredible vocals.  The chorus is the part of the roller coaster that takes you down as your hair whips around beneath the moonlight sky and the carnival lights.  As I was reviewing this CD in my car, the song gauged my emotions and amplified them as the song carried through.  The chorus is anthemic, and the guitars and trap elements absolutely blend in like yin and yang.  The title track to “Gravity” showcases more poppy elements of Era 9 mixed with EDM and trap beats, the chorus causes the listener to soar to new heights.  It was clear that Era 9 was listening to someone like Skrillex meets Deadmau5 meets elements of Kendrick Lamar meets elements of Skylar Grey.  The guitars mixed in with the EDM, trap elements, mixed in with the screams and rapcore elements make me wonder if Era 9 created a new genre of music.  I feel like this review is like trying to explain the color orange to a blind person, but you will just have to listen in order to grasp what I’m trying to convey.

“Gravity” continues on with “Bare Bones”, which showcases Era 9 as the Dominique Wilkins of music, is that it’s just one continuous highlight reel, just like when Dominique Wilkins played basketball.  “Bare Bones”, has such incredible guitar work in the intro.  The vocals showcase elements of a chorus that one would hear in an EDM or trap song, and Laurie literally melts my heart in the lead up to the chorus with her voice.  The chorus is definitely the most powerful chorus in the record.  The vocals trade off perfectly and the instruments and rhythm section convey the messages perfectly.

If there was a band in the world that breaks the barriers and labels that genres and the music industry place upon the listener’s and critic’s brains, Era 9 takes a wrecking ball and destroys those barriers.  Era 9 created probably some of the most groundbreaking, genre-defying music I have ever heard in my entire life!  It’s music that stirs the soul, makes a disaster of your emotions, and leaves you awestruck.  On a 10 scale rating, “Gravity” by Era 9 gets a perfect 10 out of 10 stars for it’s groundbreaking approach and for creating some of the most mesmerizing music out there.  Do not sleep on this band!  I am freaking serious!

Check out “Hero” by Era 9

Track listing for “Gravity” by Era 9:

  1.  “Ammunition”
  2.  “Warrior”
  3.  “Gravity”
  4.  “Bare Bones”
  5.  “Earthquake”
  6.  “Hero”
  7.  “Money Talk”
  8.  “Like That”
  9.  “Black Widow” (Tick Tock)
  10.  “Haunt Your Monsters”
  11.  “Scripture”

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Era 9 will be providing direct support for Dead Horse Trauma at several shows this summer!  Check out tour dates below!

Tuesday, June 20th at Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois

Thursday, June 22nd at Music Lynxx in Mentor On The Lake, Ohio

Friday, June 23rd at McGarvey’s Bar & Grill in Altoona, Pennsylvania

Sunday, June 25th at Reverb in Reading, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, June 28th at Muncheez in Beckley, West Virginia

Saturday, July 1st at Drunk Horse Pub in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Sunday, July 2nd at The Wizard Saloon in Hickory, North Carolina

Thursday, July 6th at High Dive in Gainesville, Florida (w/No Komply, and Koup d’E Etat)

Friday, July 7th at The Haven in Winter Park, Florida

Sunday, July 9th at Open Chord in Knoxsville, Tennessee

Saturday, July 15th at Rail II in Peoria, Illinois (w/Left4Dead and Everybody Panic!)





6 thoughts on ““Gravity” by Era 9, Rock Out to Trap Rock!

  1. Hello,
    I agree whole heartedly with everything you said, especially the part that they’ve created the most mesmerizing music out there…a groundbreaking genre-defying music which leaves you awestruck, a perfect 10 out of 10 stars!!!!
    It’s an outstanding album which I can’t stop listening to!!!
    Come on already put ERA 9 on the MAP so that everyone gets a chance to hear this very talented band & definitely see them perform live!!!! They are very mesmerizing on stage too!!!
    Keep on rocking!!!

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