Out of Perth, Australia is a post-hardcore quintet that is prepared to take over Australia and to conquer the post-hardcore music scene, and that band is Vacant Home.  On June 16th, Vacant Home released their EP entitled “Reflect, Respond” via Mutant League Records.

Vacant Home is composed of Callum McGivern on vocals, Jeremy Street on guitars/vocals, Alex Weston on guitars, Brodie Wilson on bass, and Dejon Vlahov on drums.  Since forming in 2016 in Perth, Vacant Home has already shared the stage with the likes of Deez Nuts, Stick To Your Guns, and House Vs. Hurricane.  Their previous single “Shiver” amassed over 350,000 hits on YouTube, which is pretty remarkable for a band that is just starting out.

“Reflect, Respond” starts off with “Lament”.  I immediately notice McGivern’s screams that are packed full of emotion, there is something different about his vocals in the sense that the listener senses what he goes through as he sings(or screams) about regretful decisions that he might have made.  I also dig the guitar tons and intertwining on the guitars that Street and Weston pull off in “Lament”.  “Lament” goes into “Bliss”, which is an all out sonic assault that has that driving beat that would make old school Underoath fans move about in glee.  I love how it starts fast, then it goes mid-tempo in the guitars while maintaining the melodic post-hardcore elements, then the song ends in a quiet guitar tone, which is usually the opposite of what one would expect to hear in a song.  I just really dug the arrangement in “Bliss”.  “Inner Peace” is a song that talks about longing for inner peace and to be released from the chains of addiction or some sort of depression.  The song, if you really sit and pay close attention to what McGivern has to say, really can hit home with a lot of people.  Sometimes we all want to shut ourselves away from the world, especially after experiencing depression or some sort of addiction. Vacant Home is reminding you that you are not alone in this world and that it’s absolutely okay to get help if you go through that.  The rhythm section absolutely stands out in “Inner Peace”.  “Shiver” is such a standout moment in this album.  I love the blending between the screams and the clean vocals in the bridge of the song, and Vlahov slays on the drums during the bridge of the song, making the drums sound somewhat tribal and thunderous.

Vacant Home is here to remind you that post-hardcore is not going away any time soon.  “Reflect, Respond” is such an appropriate title for this EP.  There are moments where it causes the listener to think and to reflect on their own decisions and if they’re going through some struggles, you feel what they’re going through!  The music is arranged to where if a point is urgent to get across, the arrangement allows for that.  “Reflect, Respond” seems to be a concept EP where it goes through the struggles that one faces and that it’s sometimes passed down like an “Heirloom” or where one is in despair trying to find that “Inner Peace” and that solace that one might desperately need.  Vacant Home has created something unique in the post-hardcore genre, and “Reflect, Respond” gets an 8 out of 10 rating from Madness To Creation.

“Reflect, Respond” by Vacant Home

  1.  Lament
  2.  Bliss
  3.  Inner Peace
  4.  Shiver
  5.  Back Bay
  6.  Reflect Respond
  7.  Heirloom

Here is the latest music video for “Heirloom”

Find Vacant Home at the following locations:



Fans can find Vacant Home providing direct support for Eat Your Heart Out on the Carried Away Australian tour!  False Plaintiff and Blue Velvet are also special guests on the Carried Away Australian tour!

Sunday, June 25th at Wrangler Studios in West Footscray, Australia

Tuesday, June 27th at Rad in Wollongong, Australia

Wednesday, June 28th at Hamilton Station Hotel in Newcastle, Australia

Thursday, June 29th at The Red Rattler Theatre in Marrickville, Australia

Friday, June 30th at ECP Studios in Berkeley Vale, Australia

Saturday, July 1st at Foundry Records in Brisbane, Australia

Sunday, July 2nd at Crowbar in Brisbane, Australia


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