There is something to be said about a living legend in the punk/metal world when they come to an intimate venue such as Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.  Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein left a trail of corpses due to his slaying of the guitar as his band Doyle, which also features Alex Story of Cancerslug to abominate Spicoli’s Rockade with their brand of punk meets metal.

I cannot say enough cool things about Spicoli’s Rockade.  It brings me back to a sense of nostalgia where one would go to the local arcade at the mall and needlessly spend hours at the arcade machines trying to beat a game.  Stand-up arcade games have a flair about them, and that is there is a social aspect, there is few sounds in the world like the pinball machine, especially when the pinball machines include my favorites:  World Cup 94 Soccer, Metallica, AC/DC, and my new favorite, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.  I must highlight a local band called Grave Corps, out of Waterloo.

Grave Corps, out of Waterloo, Iowa, is composed of Arly Von on vocals, Christ LaViene on lead guitar, Scott A.D. on rhythm guitar, Kodie Krypt on bass, and J.J. Priest on drums.  Grave Corps is such a great opener for them.  I can’t really give you a setlist of songs that they played, but I just now that it’s throwback punk with a tinge of a hardcore edge to them.  While I was preparing to interview Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, I was quite impressed with their stage presence and their confidence on stage.  They really showed me something when they kicked into their own version of “Rebel Yell”, which is the 1980’s classic originally done by Billy Idol that members of Davey Suicide were jamming out by their merch table, and I can tell that they were impressed with Grave Corps’ performance.  I am looking forward to hearing more from Grave Corps as I feel that they have all kinds of potential due to their energy, enthusiasm, and they sounded really tight, especially when a punk/hardcore type of band sometimes plays loose due to the style of music that it is. You can check out Grave Corps on their Facebook at and their official website at Hollywood, California’s own Davey Suicide was next to take the stage.

I was immediately impressed with the theatrical performance that Davey Suicide put on.  Unfortunately, Davey Suicide has had some rough patches into their career thanks to their previous management and getting screwed out of lots of money into their own contract, however, that would break a lot of bands, but not Davey Suicide.  Davey Suicide, with the theatrics and the makeup that they had going on, played this show providing direct support for Doyle as if it was their last show.  They brought a mix of Marilyn Manson meets an industrial rock type of vibe and the vibe was chocked full of energy especially in their signature songs “Generation F*** Star”, “World Wide Suicide”, and cuts off of their latest record entitled “Made From Fire”, including “Too Many Freaks”, “Rise Above”, and their latest single entitled “No Angel”.  From a musicianship standpoint they sounded pretty tight, their theatrics fit the music like a glove, and they took the Spicoli’s Rockade audience on that journey.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Made From Fire”, please do so, here is a review that we wrote up awhile back, you can check it out here!  Davey Suicide will be wrapping up the “Abominate The World Tour” as direct support for Doyle, here are the remaining tour dates, and they will be playing a few one-off shows this summer.  Check out the dates below!

“Abominate The World Tour” (direct support for Doyle)

Monday, June 26th at Frankie’s in Toledo, Ohio

Wednesday, June 28th at Dingbatz in Clifton Park, New Jersey

Thursday, June 29th at Evening Star Hall in Niagara Falls, New York

Additional tour dates:

Wednesday, July 12th at Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, Colorado (w/The Wind, Suspension 9, Sharone, and Bound By Years)

Thursday, July 13th at Davey’s Uptown Rambler Club in Kansas City, Missouri

Friday, July 14th at Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri (w/Motograter)

Saturday, July 15th at Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio(appearing with In This Moment, Three Days Grace, Mushroomhead, 10 Years, Adelitas Way, Motograter, 40 Below Summer, September Mourning, and Heartsick U.S.)

“No Angel” by Davey Suicide

Find Davey Suicide at the following locations:

Doyle capped off the evening at Spicoli’s Rockade with jaws dropping, theatrics abound, and where it brainwashed the audience to embrace the love that is within all things that are horror!  Doyle and Alex Story of Cancerslug brought the insanity to the state where they shredded as only Doyle knows how to do on the guitar while urging the audience to dance and to get it on with each other while they were playing.  There was a certain amount of theatrics where I can see this band playing through a gory movie scene where love is being made as the knife is being protruded in the back of the victim and/or the perpetrator.  Songs blazed on through such as their singles “Run For Your Life”, the provocative “Beast Like Me”, and the love-making clothes thrown on concrete floor song “Kiss Me As We Die”.  Doyle reminded us why the Misfits were mainstays for years to come and Alex Story of Cancerslug is the perfect crazy frontman that fits Doyle’s art and vision for his new band, which seems to turn up the guitars another notch, make the rhythm more uptempo(as if that was possible), while offering those hooks and grooves that make you want to dance and mosh and just go crazy all at the same time!  If you haven’t picked up “As We Die” via Monsterman Records, go pick up a copy of the record!  Here’s what Madness To Creation had to say about it here!  Here are the remaining tour dates of the “Abominate The World Tour”.

Monday, June 26th at Frankie’s in Toledo, Ohio

Wednesday, June 28th at Dingbatz in Clifton Park, New Jersey

Thursday, June 29th at Evening Star Hall in Niagara Falls, New York

“Run For Your Life” by Doyle

Check out Doyle at the following locations:

Soon, you will get to read our interview with Alex Story and the legendary Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein!  Stay tuned!

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