It is officially July 1st, 2017 and I received a few text messages in regards to the Puddle Of Mudd concert with special guests Saving Abel show that commenced at the Surf Ballroom.  It was one of those things where I was just making conversation with friends and according to fans at the Surf Ballroom, frontman Wes Scantlin of Puddle Of Mudd no-showed the Clear Lake, Iowa event.  However, that didn’t stop Saving Abel from delivering, they showed what the exact definition of the phrase “direct support act” means in the music industry.

Saving Abel did what a professional direct support act should do, and that is recognize the situation, and stepped it up even more.  The crowd was extra appreciative of their efforts as they played a full set of their songs, including their smash hit “Addicted”, and they incorporated jam sessions and covers of “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC and “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  The rest of Puddle Of Mudd was obviously put in an awkward spot as this band has seen several lineup changes, it’s difficult to continue on with the show when the frontman and the face of Puddle Of Mudd no-shows because he missed a flight.

In a digression here, I just hope that it was an accidental miss of the flight due to a lack of communication or a scheduling conflict.  However, as someone who covers music, as someone, who is a fan of music first and foremost, I don’t want to speculate or think the worst, I’m just telling you that Wes Scantlin no-showed at the Surf Ballroom because he missed his flight.  I’m not going to dive in any further on this matter because I don’t know what’s going on since I wasn’t there and I’m not in the Puddle Of Mudd camp.   His songwriting and music, while it isn’t my personal cup of tea, has understandably reached a considerable amount of people.  Heck, Puddle Of Mudd could literally tour and make a living off of their “Come Clean” album, which has the smash hits “Blurry”, “She Hates Me”, and “Control”.  For the sake of the fans that bought tickets and took time off of work to come see a show, I hope Puddle Of Mudd does the right thing and makes it up to the fans that bought tickets for the show.  That’s all I’m going to say and report on this matter.

On the other hand, Saving Abel did what a direct support act on a bill should do, and that is step up their game and try their best to deliver.  From my friends that I’ve talked to, they gave the fans their money’s worth because they recognized the situation, pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, and kept the amplifiers turned up to 11 and made it to where the next time they come around, they will be headlining the Surf Ballroom instead of providing direct support for a band.  Kudos to Scott Austin and the guys in Saving Abel for making sure that the audience had a show and to the other members of Puddle Of Mudd, who were left in a very awkward situation, for at least coming out with members of Saving Abel, and playing the hits.   Next time, you come around Saving Abel, I will come support you for the class that you have shown towards people that I personally know and are friends with that attended your show.  They knew that you all stepped it up even further.  In conclusion, although I wasn’t at the show, you won me over as a fan for the respect and gratitude you showed to a venue that is near and dear to my heart, and to my friends and your fans that came out to have a good time, and you all made sure that the fans weren’t going to leave empty handed.  I tip my cap to you Saving Abel for making it a worthwhile experience for your fans on June 30th!

Two thumbs up for Saving Abel.

Here are the rest of Saving Abel’s shows that they have scheduled.

Saturday, July 1st – The Boiler Room in Kewanee, Illinois

Friday, July 14th- Sturgis Kentucky Bike Rally in Sturgis, Kentucky

Saturday, July 15th- The Venue At The Dusty Trail in Kokomo, Indiana

Saturday, July 22nd- Bronson Rock Burgers and Beer in Keller, Texas

Saturday, July 29th – Orwin Gun Club in Tower City, Pennsylvania

Saturday, August 5th- JD Legend’s in Franklin, Ohio

Sunday, August 6th- The Cove in Geneva, Ohio

Thursday, August 10th- Rocking The Rivers Fest in Three Forks, Montana

Friday, August 11th- 360’s Main Event Center in Twin Falls, Idaho

Saturday, August 12th- Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, Colorado (w/Lost Point, Something For Tomorrow, and Lotus Gait)

Sunday, August 13th- Sunshine Studios Live! in Colorado Springs, Colorado(appearing w/Tantric)

Friday, August 25th- Genesse County Fair in Mount Morris, Michigan

Saturday, August 26th- Rocking For Heroes @ Our Place in West Bend, Wisconsin

Friday, September 1st- O’Connell’s Live in Martinsburg, West Virginia (w/Common Wealth, Cyrenic, Calisus, Ignite The Fire, and Apollo’s Prophecy)

Saturday, September 2nd- The Mad Frog in Cincinnati, Ohio

Sunday, September 3rd- Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo in Piketon, Ohio

Friday, September 8th- The Stage On Bay in Savannah, Georgia

Saturday, September 9th- Phase 2 in Lynchburg, Virginia(appearing with Drowning Pool, Sick Puppies, Trapt, Hed P.E., Ill Nino, Crazy Town, Twiztid, Tantric, Texas Hippie Coalition, Adema, Flaw, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Whitney Peyton, Almost Kings, Hardrive, Something Clever, Razorz Edge, Hateful Bones, GypsyRoad, Reliance Code, Demyze, Media Downfall, LNV, Shun The Raven, and Majik Ninja Entertainment)

Thursday, September 14th- Proof Rooftop Lounge in Houston, Texas

Check out Saving Abel at the following locations:




7 thoughts on “Direct Support Act 101: Starring Saving Abel!

  1. Band could fly together to avoid those issues. (Surely if they don’t want to sit next to each other they could book different seats on the plane, or different classes even). Wes always gets blamed for stuff that other people are equally at fault of. Does anyone notify him of his flights, call him to make sure he’s awake and at the airport on time? If not, why not?

    Also, people should be honest about shit. If he just missed his flight just video call him and have him sing a few songs through that. Atleast people who worry about Wes would know he’s ok then.

    We should start to have a “no Wes, no pay” option – so the others actually remember to take their lead singer along sometimes.

    Other bands singing their songs? Turn down for fans. Fans want to see Wes for the most part.

    1. After seeing them this summer once and he no showed for our second, trust me, getting to the airport on time is the least of POM issues. I think of Chris Cornell, Chester from L. Park, and so many others. Wes is still here, but needs ppl around him who care. He was very pale, grayish looking. The songs he could not get through he would had the audience sing. One thing I’ve noticed in their concerts if Wes spits a lot on stage he’s definitely doing coke or meth. Love his talent and wish him the best

      1. Before ppl get mad aty “speculating’. I. A registered nurse for 25 years, ER, and critical care recovery. I also have 8 years clean. So I’m not talking out my ass. There are telltale signs and truly it’s none of my business until it affects me and the second show it affected me. We did get our money back from ticketfly but we also cut our vacation short by two days pressing our luck.

        I agree with not speculating but in this scenario not speculating would be turning a blind eye to what is obvious. We are huge live music fans this summer alone I think we went to 22 concerts. Never in all the years of going to concerts have I had somebody no show. Ever. Sick yes. Klaus Miner at the M3 festival he gave it his best shot but he was apparently ill. Believe It or Not Vince Neil of all people filled in for him. Could not believe that that’s the only person that would step up. LOL

        His disease once him sick. And if he is surrounded with nothing but yes people his wife divorced him. He needs somebody that he is not their Cash Cow and somebody that really cares. To get him help

  2. Thank you for your input and it’s really appreciated! There could be so many circumstances why they possibly didn’t travel together. That’s not up for me to speculate.
    In my view, Puddle Of Mudd owes it to the fans because as you mentioned, the audience in Clear Lake pays to see the whole band not just part of the band. We all know that Wes is the voice and face of Puddle Of Mudd, so that could be another solution, “No Wes/No Pay”. It would be like going to a Stone Sour concert and there’s no Corey Taylor. People would go to that concert to see Corey Taylor sing Stone Sour songs.
    And you’re right, when we’re not notified that he’s okay, people are going to speculate. That’s human nature.
    We are all in this for the music and music should be a unifying front especially in the world of turmoil that we live in.
    That said, Saving Abel deserves a huge high five for stepping up to the plate last night.

  3. They never travel together, it’s sad. 🙁

    Maybe someone should buy them a band-plane like Iron Maiden have. Or a private plane for Wes called WesForceOne. lol

    Some people will always speculate, some people will always judge. But people (band/management/whoever) could inform the fans as to what exactly goes on. I do know there’s often weather related plane delays (be it hot, cold, wet or stormy), but that could be avoided if all travel with the same (earlier) plane. (Or what about a tour bus, as long as they are traveling within the US? I would totally dig that more if I was in a band).

    I do know that if this would happen at any concerts of PoM that I visit, their company’s phone would ring like no tomorrow. And my words when I would finally reach someone there would make any Wes meltdown look harmless.

    I love Wes and Puddle of Mudd – but I totally do not agree with all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. Some people…


    PS: Wes is a good guy – the nicest in the band. He’s been dealing with lots of problems over the years, but I guarantee you, if you meet him & are nice to him he’ll always be equally nice to you too. He just needs a lot of love, support and understanding, instead of all the negativity, hate and ignorance.

  4. I look for the band or management for them to issue some type of statement in regards to the show in Iowa. You’re right, people will speculate until then because that’s what drives our media and people are really into gossip. Just look at what the biggest stories have been in rock music today? Otep vs. local bands and Corey Taylor of Stone Sour/Slipknot vs. Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. The biggest celebrity news is petty crap like what did Jay-Z and Beyonce name their twins? All a bunch of he says/she says stuff. But I digress.
    You wouldn’t believe the amount of people that are legit worried for Wes. Even people that don’t care for his music are worried about him as a person. I’m sure he’s a nice guy deep down. If he has all these problems that you’ve mentioned, I really hope that he either talks to someone or checks in somewhere to get the help that he needs. There is NO shame and there will NEVER be any judgment if he makes that decision to talk to someone or gets help. I care more about his well-being and him as a human being than him making music right now.

  5. Well I can tell you from seeing Pom in June at big fish cantina, where Wes was definitely on some Paranoia provoking “stuff”, he was late coming on the stage. I swear it was the longest intro EVER. It was hot,,, and really humid he had on long sleeves and had difficulty getting through a few songs. But they were still good. Then we took our chances to see them again at the Chameleon Club on August 26th and cut our vacation short!!!. Big mistake. Wes no-showed the night before in Connecticut no-showed for our show and then also no-showed at Rams Head on the 27th. But I can’t find anything online about this latest ongoing saga. I feel for him. And his band mates.

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