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Editor’s Note:  This was a fun Skype interview through a crappy Internet connection.  It was certainly one of the most personal interviews that I have ever conducted as Madness To Creation had the privilege to sit down with the legendary Billy Milano(formerly of S.O.D.), who is now the brainchild behind M.O.D. aka Method Of Destruction, who recently released an angry, politically charged record entitled “Busted, Broke & American” via Megaforce Records on July 7th.  This conversation will take on many twists and turns but we really get to know Billy Milano through this conversation.   We hit on topics ranging from his legendary cooking to his career and new album, to even talking about the global elites and the Bilderbergs.  Without further delay, here is our conversation with the legendary Billy Milano.

Billy:  Hey man, I’m sorry I’m late, I have a shoulder injury that knocks me the f*** out.

M.T.C.:  That’s all right man, we can reschedule if you would like.  What happened to your shoulder?

Billy:  Believe it or not, I got jumped at Cinco de Mayo.

M.T.C.:  What deathwish are people writing if they jump you?

Billy:  Yeah, well in my 50’s, I’m not the same character that I was in my 30’s, you know what I’m saying?

M.T.C.:  Yeah, I hear you, I’m in my 30’s and sometimes I feel that way.

Billy:  I hear you, it was brutal.  It was just somebody that was f****** drunk on Cinco De Mayo that punched me.

M.T.C.:  That’s crap.

Billy:  That’s the American fighter today, that’s the new liberal, that’s the new college safe kid, we talk about all these people that want to focus on their own rights, as well as some on the right, those I look at with trepidation, because they’re all sick in the f****** head.

M.T.C.:  But your shoulder is getting better?

Billy:  Yeah, like I said, when you get sucker-punched you land on your f****** shoulder the wrong way, then today, you don’t fight, you don’t get into a fight with two people, you get into a fight with 20 people, you get knocked down, you get all over, and you get into the game, six people are stomping on you, kicking you, punching you, and it’s like “what the f***, man”.  When I was a kid, I get hit with chains, pipes, bottles, and I got back into the fight, but that was one guy fighting me, it ain’t like that anymore, so you gotta carry a gun now, and that’s the way it goes.

M.T.C.:  Unfortunately, that is the way it goes, and we’ll talk about the new record.

Billy:  Hey, man, my apologies for being so late, my medicine kicks in at about ten in the morning and I work until five in the morning.  I feel embarrassed, I know that you guys are doing something that we need you to do, I just want to be appreciative of it.

M.T.C.:  No problem man, thank you!  I think it’s one of those things where we depend on each other so everyone can be successful.

Billy:  You’re right, let’s do this interview kid!

M.T.C.:  Your record “Busted, Broke, & American” has been released on July 7th.  What messages can people get out of the record for those that are not familiar with your work?

Billy:  There was no overall message on the record other than it seems that we’re heading to a place where everything that we have collectively built as a nation, and selling it as fast as we can before they collapse the dollar, so for me, the record is about understanding that we’re doing this as a society, but there’s still an aspect of this society that I think survives, and that is the dignity of society.  The theme of the record is the fact that we’re on this planet, we’re on this conveyor belt of political change, and we have to accept some of it, and we have to move with a lot of it, we are moving to something that redefines us as a nation, and I think that it’s the time to do it.  But I also think that the record itself reflects that.  

The record talks about the historical precedence of my life.  Everything from me bouncing to me being a grandfather is on that record, so for me, it’s important for people to understand that the music itself is more of an homage to America.  The message is a whole lot of punk rock, “f*** the world”. 

M.T.C.:  How has this changed for you from the 1980’s with you being a grandfather today?

Billy:  I’ll tell you something, that it was the first five years that I started playing music where I went from playing hardcore in 1980.  I actually played music in 1978, but from 1980 to 1987, the musicianship starting getting better as I got out of the hardcore scene and evolved into thrash metal, as a person that loves music, I’m a person that is hardcore, don’t tell me I’m not hardcore, I don’t give a f*** what anyone says.  You’re telling me that I have to listen to some douchebag with a f****** anarchy button that he bought at Hot Topic that I’m not hardcore, how about I stick that f****** button up your ass! 

The fact is as I moved into another genre of music, the level of musicianship improved exponentially, and that’s what attracted me, people thought of me as a rockstar, but I never thought of it like that, I have never liked that kind of s***, unless if it had fake tits, then I liked it.  For me access and egress as a musician was paramount to me being happy.  It wasn’t as much as how the music changed, I think the skillset of the musician has changed, that’s something else that no one is looking at.  These guitarists that are 16 or 17 years old playing like Yngwie Malmsteen, you’re like, “what the f***”, and on top of all that, they sit down and record it on their own records and their own Pro Tools on their own computer, and they do it in a week and they got a record done, and it sounds good, and you’re like, “what the f***, when did this happen”, this is when we’re running around and people are like, “you ain’t hardcore”.

M.T.C.:  What do you think people will find a common ground with on your record?

Billy:  I’ll tell you what, I’m a very educated person, I’m an extremely educated person.  Education is something that continues, it never ends, I’ve been reading about the formation of something politically since 1980, and this is something that I’ve done as my chosen Master’s, as my chosen major, this is my major is the overthrowing of the world’s political governments, the usurpation government known as the Zionist Bilderberg group.  These are the people that I choose to focus on.  My message isn’t as much of a message of “well go get them, there they are”, as more of a matter of fact that this is how the f****** government works, much of her credit, Hillary Clinton was right, there’s a secret government running our government, it’s just the American people are too immature.  I’m prepared to be a part of the global spearhead that we actually are, and you have to have these thinktanks to do these things.

Lyrically, I’m pointing to the fact that we’re still Americans, we’re still human beings, and everyone has civil human dignity that was afforded to every person in the world, but it seems like the policies that are driven by our government are f****** in my music, it’s not so much the message as it is the policy.  Like the opening track “Final Declaration”, it says in it, “There’s no Congressional authorization to war to war, we’re sending your children to war, they’re there to kill not to liberate, we’re sending your children to war”, and then it goes, “to war, to war, there’s no Congressional authorization in this U.N. Declaration”, and basically, under George W. Bush Jr., we signed over the rights of our military to be acted as the disposal of the U.N, which is illegal.  Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, which is illegal, which opens up orders for the military to do what, to march into Mexico, and they will eventually do it because they set up the precedent, and these things like Clinton did with NAFTA, of course it cost us five million jobs on top of everything else.  All of these things are points of reference in my lyrical content.  Not as much a message, as much a matter of fact, like a news reporter, this is what is going on.  I’m not saying it’s all bad, a lot of things that George W. Bush Jr. did was great, a lot of things that Bill Clinton did were good, George Bush Sr. did nothing right, but Barack Obama did some stuff right.  The fact of the matter is that people choose to look at things differently.  But the fact is this, all of these Presidents and everything they have done make me appreciate Jimmy Carter for being a human being and of course building houses for poor people for 50 years.  That’s the guy we should’ve elected.

M.T.C.:  Basically when you approach a song, when you enter into that studio to write or to record, what is your mindset and how do you go about creating the song and the album?

Billy:  This has been a weird journey.  This record in particular has been very bizarro, like Aqua Teen Hunger Force.  My dog was very sick with cancer, he’s actually on the record, all of my animals are on the record, and I am more definitively, an animal rights activist.   I watched my dog die from cancer, it was very difficult, and for two and a half to three years, he was very ill, and for those three years after, I have resolved myself.  I stopped doing M.O.D., in 2010 or 2009, it took two years to do the mastering of the record, while getting the band back together, it was falling apart because it was very difficult in terms of immigration issues that we were dealing with.  The whole time, I wanted to stay home, while the mastery was to watch my dog, be with my dog.  He was with me I don’t know how many times, he was done, he knew he was done, and I spent every nickel that I had, every moment that I had, and I f***** up, because I waited too long to put him down.  It was devastating to sit in my house and to watch him die, but for a year and a half, he was in my house watching me in my new place.  I picked up the guitar and started playing guitar again.  I just said to myself, “I have no goals, I have no desires, I have no ambition, just play guitar, just so I can stay with my dog”, and it started to formulate into music, and it was something that you do for five minutes and sometimes you forget because it’s like an exercise.  It was brutal learning how to play guitar again, and then I got knocked down and hurt my elbow and my shoulder as I’m playing acoustic guitar for my other band, and I’m like, “what the f*** am I doing, I’m 53 years old, I’m sitting on my balls they’re hanging so low, you know what I’m saying”?

M.T.C.:  I can relate.

Billy:  The funny thing is it’s summer in Texas, it goes from 80 in the morning to 115, and boy, do those steel chairs get hot, your nuts about melt to them.  There’s times in the summer, I know this sounds crazy, but it works, but I’ll do a double layer of underwear to hold my balls up high to keep them off the f****** steel, I’m not kidding.  I got big balls, brother, can’t you tell, listen to my music. 

M.T.C.:  I figured as such with your music. *laughs.  Basically, you’re an avid cook from the bio that I read, compare this album to a dish or concoction that you like to make?

Billy:  Brother, let me explain something to you.  I’ve done a lot of records in my life and been a part of a lot of records in my life, as a manager and as a producer, I’ve been a part of 60 records in my life.  But the fun was going on stage, but it was the work that I was enthralled with, I love logic, meaning thinking logic, not the pro-logic program, I love logic, the thought process of being able to hammer out a conundrum and to come up with an answer, that’s what I love.  That’s producing.  What was your question again? *laughs*

M.T.C.:  Compare it to a dish that you like to make.

Billy:  Oh yeah, so the longer I’m involved, the more the dish changes, it would be Italian, my Maranzano sauce. (proceeds to take his webcam and show me his kitchen, and his pantry) See that roundtable to the left, that table has 60 different jars of honey on it, different honey from around the world.  Everywhere from New Zealand and I’m getting African honey in now, it’s all raw, building up my health with African honey.  That big rack back there?  That’s where I keep the Maranzano sauce, the liquor on the bottom shelf, and Italian olive oil.  I have 12 cases of Maranzano tomatoes.  Dude, my house is set up to f******* cook bro, I just cooked for my birthday for 12 people.  I made stuffed eggplants, stuffed Spanish bell peppers, I’m a European kid, I’m part Hebrew, part Spanish, part Italian, I have Moroccan blood in me, I have a lot.  I have Sicilian, and I have some Greek, a little bit of French, but on my mom’s side I have Native American, so I’m a f****** child of the world, so when I speak, I speak with reality of the things that are happening, so to me, my mom’s dish.

 When I cook, as an avid cook, I cook with the thoughts of my family surrounding me.  My grandmother and my mother, it’s my connection to them, and I’ve been very fortunate in the last year, to become very, very, very close to my mom as she is dying and to get all of her recipes, and no one has them but me, and I’m one out of 11.  It’s one thing to cook it and eat it, it’s another thing to understand it.  I’ll send you some pictures of my birthday party that I had when I turned 53, you can have some exclusive pictures, of me and my friends.  I cooked an amazing meal, it was an amazing time, more importantly, it’s an extension of my personal belief system.  

Family, community, honor your mother and father.  I don’t care what color you are, where you come from, I’ve had friends of all religions, all colors, I grew up in diversity, but I also grew up in New York, where people say “f*** you, I got time for you”, *laughs* .  There’s a different thought of being a New Yorker than any other person in the world, the uniqueness of your attitude doesn’t translate to the rest, because everyone is different from New York to California.  People in California find me offensive, people in Texas find me amusing.  People from Chicago ask me, “are you sure you’re not from Chicago?”  It’s a similar big city thing but it’s not something exclusive to me.  It’s part of the reflection of who I am.  I also have my dogs, Emma, Sugar, and Sophia in the corner, but this is part of the reflection of who I am, this is not me going, “hey, I want a dog”, this is me going, “hey, I got time for love”, and that’s what I’ve always been about, and people just can’t imagine that’s who I am because they’re a bunch of tw***, but that’s who they are.

M.T.C.:  Anything else you want to add about the record, the floor is yours.

Billy:  There’s something about this record that after 30 years, I’ve finally figured it out on how to write a record, out of all the records I have written, this seems to be the one that came together for the right reasons, but it also came together at a point in my life, that I’ve become this age that I always was.  I’ve always been a very prominent figure in the music scene and in the music industry.  I’ve always been extremely prominent in the community growing up in a very traditional Italian neighborhood.  People have looked to me, and I’ve always been that guy, and now I’m doing it for the music scene, and now I hope to teach people the most important thing in life, and that is to honor your mother and father, and at that point, I don’t care about anything else.  I love the record, it’s a great record, I hope it sells, I hope people find it and share the record, I hope they turn their friends on to the record, and that point, it’s up to them to decide what the record represents, but for me it represents access and egress, some of these people need to grow the f*** up, people running in the streets screaming about Donald Trump and all of this crazy bulls***, “let’s stop terrorism with love”, these people are out of their f****** minds, and they’re going to get an old person hurt, and they’re going to get a kid hurt, and I can’t be silent to that, and one thing I have besides my massive informative education, I have big balls, and when I’m not sitting on them, I’m ready to wrap them around your legs and drag you to your death, don’t f*** with me, and I think that’s what the record represents.

Right here is the best part about the record, here’s the cover, the picture in the middle matters to me, it’s my dog Buster jumping with his breeder, and all of the dogs and cats that meant something to me in my life, the only one that is still there is Emily and she’s laying next to me, it’s the message that matters, “Rescue, Adopt, Foster, Sponsor”, and that’s all I give a f*** about, I love my record but the message of that is what I love more, and that is what it is.  If people want to buy my record good, if they want to download it good, if they want to listen to it, good, if they don’t, good.  But if they want to help an animal, better.

M.T.C.:  Thank you so much Billy!

Billy:  This was very appreciated and nice of you.  Live well and be well.

Check out the video released by Megaforce Records entitled “Fight”

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