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Sometimes an artist, whether creating a sculpture, creating a painting, making a movie, or making music needs a new canvas and new inspiration to explore their art.  Sometimes the saddest thing about art is the artist sometimes gets complacent, which is why I despise Norman Rockwell paintings because it’s all the same theme, and the same reason why I’m drawn towards artists like Da Vinci and Picasso.  They all drew from different inspirations and messed around with different styles and revolutionized their craft.  Steven Nathan(formerly Man On Earth) is on his way to accomplish just that with Don’t Believe In Ghosts’ release of “Give It Meaning”, which was released June 30th via Forward Thinking.

For the mere inception of Don’t Believe In Ghosts, they are doing very well for themselves in the St. Louis and Chicago markets as well as retail markets.  They celebrate their release with a successful show at the esteemed The Studio at Webster Hall of New York City.  Steven Nathan even tapped the wonderful Dr. Fink of Prince & The Revolution fame for keyboards in the opening single entitled “Nothing I Could Do Is Ever Good Enough For You”.

“Nothing I Could Do Is Ever Good Enough For You” is quite the rocking opening track that incorporates New Wave elements that reminds me of something Thompson Twins or Human League would do.  It builds up into something soaring, then Dr. Fink’s incorporation of his magic on the keyboards that he only knows how to accomplish is truly something to behold, it has that dark alley beat that causes the listener to strut while throwing their jacket on their back as the street lights are glistening beneath the starry sky.  The choruses are the forte of Don’t Believe In Ghosts, they are catchy and it would cause audiences the world over to engage into some memorable audience participation that brings about that moment of unity we all need.  It’s truly one of those songs that one would wish would go on a little bit longer, but that’s what makes this a savory track.

“Slow Down” truly has that 1980’s vibe to it with the adult alternative pop hooks and it has such a catchy chorus that pleads with the listener to slow it down and take time to smell the roses in life.  The rhythm of the song is the kind where you’re on a roadtrip heading towards no destination in particular and has such a relaxing element.  The background vocals coupled with the guitars(NOT TO MENTION THE LUSH GUITAR SOLO DURING THE INSTRUMENTAL BREAK) is the straw that stirs the drink in this song in order to make all the ingredients blend into the wonderful concoction that is Don’t Believe In Ghosts.

“You’ve Been Warned” incorporates a bit of house/EDM coupled with violins which showcases their pop sensibilities that remind me of an Imagine Dragons song, especially at the chorus which gives Don’t Believe In Ghosts another layer to unpack with this band in order to keep the listener engaged.  The lyrical content seems to take on some political undertones in this track but its vague enough to where it’s open to interpretation for the listener.  “Everyone I Know Is Going Crazy” is that 90’s pop/rock anthem that sounds like it could be a hit in the days of New Radicals and Gin Blossoms.

Don’t Believe In Ghosts showcase the beauty of what indie pop/rock should be all about, and that is not conforming to the radio, and being that artist that spills different colors from the artist’s palette onto the canvas.  We have moments of introspection and clarity in “Long Way To Go” and “Come On”.  The choruses are infectious and consistently catchy throughout the record, and the beauty is that it would be challenging for a label to pick a single from this record because they all can make a case on how it would be a big hit on radio or on mass media placements.  Don’t Believe In Ghosts is for that person that loves art being spilled on the canvas while having purpose, meaning, and clarity that’s beyond that canvas.  Go pick up a copy wherever it’s digitally sold.  In the single, it’s appropriate when Steven Nathan belts “the future just keeps getting brighter” because soon Don’t Believe In Ghosts will need sunglasses because the future is nebula bright for this band.

Check out the music video for “Nothing I Do Is Ever Good Enough For You” here

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In the meantime, here is the track listing:

  1.  Nothing I Could Do Is Ever Good Enough For You
  2.  Slow Down
  3.  You’ve Been Warned
  4.  Everyone I Know Is Going Crazy
  5.  I Want Nothing
  6.  We Are The Ones
  7.  The Way I See It
  8.  Come On
  9.  Calling Home
  10.  Pick Up The Pieces
  11.  Wouldn’t You Love To Know
  12.  Can’t Sleep So I’ll Drive
  13.  Long Way To Go



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