Last Bullet

Out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, comes a band that is unabashedly about this rock-n-roll lifestyle, about the perks of the lifestyle, and they are willing to win literally every fan over with its intense music and intense live show, and that band is Last Bullet.

Recently, Last Bullet released their latest EP entitled “80-69-64”, which promises to be a collection of hard rock anthems, true grit in the hard rock, and soulful with blues tinged melodies in the vocals.  For this EP, they recruited Brian Moncarz, who has produced the likes of The Trews, Our Lady Peace, Circa Survive, and Bleeker, and also recruited Brian Lucey for mastering, who has mastered for the likes of The Black Keys, Marilyn Manson, Liam Gallagher, and Royal Blood.  Last Bullet has shared the stage with Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Bryan Adams, Jane’s Addiction, and Buckcherry.

“80-69-64” starts off with the hard-hitting driving track entitled “Sin”.  It packs a punch with the guitars, while displaying charismatic, yet gritty vocals throughout the record.  The guitars during the brief instrumental break after the chorus are blues-tinged.  One can tell that there is an attitude with Last Bullet, which is missing from so much of today’s mainstream active rock.  The transitions in the tempo changes are seamless, and there is an influence of a bit of Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver in the vocals.  The album transitions into “Gimme Time”, where it has that fuzzy guitar work that Audioslave has trademarked, while having that gritty blues style songwriting about how there are literally not enough hours in the day.  The beat causes hips to sway and fists to go in the air as Last Bullet has perfected that blend of the grunge days of old with the blues of yesteryear, with the attitude of an 80’s hair-metal band.  “Bright Lights” has a such a blues-tinged feel to it about life on the road and rocking stages that reminds me of a feel of a modern day “Turn The Page” by Bob Seger from a lyrical content point of view.

The attitude, the musicianship, and that feeling of gritty dirty rock is back in the form of Last Bullet.  It’s that breath of fresh air to hear a band that wants the stages, the girls, and the lifestyle of what it is to be a rockstar and Last Bullet certainly pulls that off with “80-69-64”!  This is what it should sound like when hard work and dedication to the craft is put into the songs!  A solid 8 out of 10 stars as it leaves the rock and roll palate wanting more!

Here is the track listing to “80-69-64”!

  1.  Sin
  2.  Gimme Time
  3.  Bright Lights
  4.  Southern Lips
  5.  Smoke & Ashes
  6.  Little Miss Filthy

Check out the video to “Sin”

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