Dead Horse Trauma

It was a blustery night in Iowa(the humidity has been zapping this poor soul as of late) and Dead Horse Trauma was determined to partner up with the humidity that Iowa graciously offers us and finish us off at Spicoli’s Rockade in Waterloo, Iowa.

Kudos to the bands Deselect, High Point, and Black Hild for bringing it to the Spicoli’s Rockade stage and for making the show go on in a timely fashion for those that came to see a great night of rock music.  Dead Horse Trauma, national touring band out of Des Moines, Iowa, was prepared to take the stage next.

One thing that Dead Horse Trauma is extremely consistent about is the ability to interact and to build their army of supporters that are as loyal as they come.  There were a solid amount of recruits for the Dead Horse Trauma army as they came to tear up the Spicoli’s Rockade stage.  The army even emulates the look that Dead Horse Trauma is becoming well known for, and that is black matter all over them where they looked like they were just liberated from a coal mine.  Let me tell you, that “coal mine” has to be the most metal coal mine out there.

Their musicianship was as tight as ever and Brian Carter(bass player) and Eric Davidson(vocalist) definitely stand out as the ones who run the live machine that is Dead Horse Trauma.  The crowd participation was uncanny as a solid mosh pit ensued due to their driving, pulsating rhythms in the rhythm section and how the band as a whole feed off of each other to deliver a tremendous live performance to the Spicoli’s Rockade crowd.

They blistered through their hour-long set with songs such as “The Massacre”, their singles “Left Unsaid”, and closed up the set with their two big songs “Fugue State” and the UFC anthem “Psycho”.  Their energy, interactions with the audience, and overall live show experience makes it worth going to see a Dead Horse Trauma show.

Dead Horse Trauma is continuing to tour in support of their latest record entitled “Life”, check out the tour dates below:

Friday, August 11th- Big’s Bar in Sioux Falls, South Dakota(w/Insane Clown Posse, Lyte, Open Minded, Gorilla Pimp, and Night Shield)

Saturday, August 12th- Jerry’s Original Music Club in Moorhead, Minnesota(w/Screaming For Silence, Cold Kingdom, and Shotgun Facelift)

Sunday, August 13th- Rock Point in Bismarck, North Dakota(w/ND22 and Grime)

Thursday, August 16th- Liquid Joe’s in Salt Lake City, Utah

Thursday, August 17th- The Gem in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Friday, August 18th- Seattle Hempfest in Seattle, Washington

Sunday, August 20th- The Mardi Gras in Boise, Idaho

Tuesday, August 22nd- Flagstaff’s Green Room in Flagstaff, Arizona (w/Hemlock and Sinister Plague)

Wednesday, August 23rd- Joe’s Grotto in Phoenix, Arizona

Friday, August 25th- My Place in Abilene, Texas

Saturday, August 26th- BFE Rock Club in Houston, Texas

Thursday, August 31st- Aftershock Live in Merriam, Kansas

Friday, September 1st- IowaStock at Avenue Of The Saints Amphitheatre in St. Charles, Iowa

Saturday, September 2nd- L’Treyn’s in Keokuk, Iowa

Thursday, September 7th- The Marquee in Sioux City, Iowa (w/ Hemlock)

Check out live footage of “The Massacre” by Dead Horse Trauma(footage taken from live at Wooly’s in Des Moines, Iowa)


Check out Dead Horse Trauma at the following locations:

Pick up a copy of “Life” on I-Tunes here

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