Horizon by Owl Company

There is something that is to be said about a band out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, whose ultimate aspiration is to completely conquer the music world.  The four-piece hard rock outfit Owl Company is set out to do just that with their recent release of “Horizon” via ONErpm Records.

Owl Company is composed of Enrico Minelli on vocals, Felipe Ruiz on guitars, Fabio Yamamoto on bass, and Thiago Biasoli on drums.  In 2015, their single entitled “Condescend” took over the radio waves of Brazil, and now with it being 2017, they are taking their attitude and their brand to the masses with an attitude as if they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“Horizon” starts off with “Intro”, which starts off with an intensely distorted rocker with Thiago completely taking over with his drum fills and intense tempo, while the listener is fixated on the siren that is blaring in the background, which provides for an intense ambiance in the album.  Ruiz immediately shows his guitar prowess in the track as well, and it seems to play off of a movie where the voiceover commands you to “look for me over by the moonlight”.  I love an “Intro” where it’s an immediate attention getter and it sets it up for a powerful album, and Owl Company does just that.  “Horizon” immediately transitions into “Celebrate and Kneel”.  Enrico Minelli immediately showcases his powerful vocals that pays homage to the rockers of the past while creating a unique, distorted sound in the vocals that sounds like a mix of getting the listener up and pumping their fists while sounding quite menacing on the vocals.  Ruiz has an intense guitar solo that brings it back to yesteryear while still sounding fresh today.  It’s a solid no-frills rocker that continues to set the pace for “Horizon”, and that pace is driving, smashing, and nothing pretty about it.  It’s like that old-beat up Cadillac that will get you where you need to go, it may not look pretty doing so, but it’ll get you there, and in my view, that’s the way hard rock should be.

In “Horizon”, Owl Company displays moments of blues and melancholy in tracks such as “Riddles” and “Caged Emotions”, there are also moments where it is politically charged in “Deathrow”, and moments where it is time to party and to just rock in songs such as “Ain’t No Time For This” and “Black ‘N’ Blue”.  This showcases the diversity of the band that is Owl Company, and they are bound to breathe breaths of fresh air into a hard rock scene(in particular in America) that is filled with smog and pollution.  Good on Owl Company for causing us to pay attention.

Go pick up “Horizon” at any digital online retailer, here is the track listing below!

“Horizon” by Owl Company

  1.  Intro
  2.  Celebrate And Kneel
  3.  Ain’t Time For This
  4.  Play With Fire
  5.  Riddles
  6.  Deathrow
  7.  Black ‘N’ Blue
  8.  Bullet Proof Innocence
  9.  Caged Emotions
  10.  Underdog

Here is the album stream of “Horizon” here:

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