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Editor’s Note:  I am merely playing devil’s advocate and countering blundy02’s post on why he feels that WWE is a great product.  I am going to channel a bit of the IWC and how hypercritical the WWE fanbase can be in regards to the WWE product.  This is merely a counterpoint and it doesn’t necessarily reflect how I truly feel about the product.

  1.  The Roster:  So much of the roster is misused, yes, there is talent there, but I feel that at times WWE just hires some of the wrestlers just so companies such as GFW and ROH can’t have them.  I think they have a bunch of upper mid-carders, but no true main event stars, especially that Roman Reigns guy!
  2. The Resurgence of Giants:  Braun Strowman is a rising star but he is stale.  Why did we go nuts for The Great Khali’s return when we didn’t want anything to do with him a few years ago?  The Big Show has had his time, he needs to retire or run for mayor of a town like Kane.  Big Cass only knows how to be tall.
  3. The Tag Team Division:  three teams from each brand competing for belts.  Unify it into one championship between the three brands.  The Usos are fire as heels, but The New Day’s schtick is stale as week old bread and The Revival is injured again and if I hear Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson call people “nerds” one more time, I’m going to go crazy.  At least there’s Breezango.  I do agree with breaking up American Alpha, both Jason Jordan and Chad Gable have enough charisma to emerge as singles competitors.
  4. The Women’s Division:  See tag team division.  Alexa Bliss is one of the best heels for women WWE has ever seen, but there is no evolution of any of the characters.  Plus, Bayley’s schtick got old fast and didn’t register with the main roster.  Turn her heel, have her be a whiny, entitled spoiled brat.  Push Nia Jax as a monster face.  Nia Jax rules, I don’t care what anyone says.
  5. The Brand Split:  I have a compromise.  Have certain wrestlers be exclusive to one brand, in particular those that are competing in line for the main championship, however, share certain talent that are for tag teams, women, and combine the Intercontinental and United States championships, this will allow for more wrestlers to be used, and in the tag team and women’s divisions, have them compete on NXT as well.  Have one Superstar Shakeup per year, and allow for two trades per year to keep things fresh.  I would also have a match at Survivor Series between Raw and Smackdown where the winning team gets a “steal” card.  At anytime, they can get any wrestler of their choice to join their brand.
  6. Two PPVs per month:  I think PPVs need to be cut down to 4 majors plus 2 per year.  The matches don’t mean as much and the content is watered down to me.  Plus bring back a plethora of enhancement talents and jobbers to build these characters. I loved the Golden Age where seeing Jake Roberts fight Rick Martel in a blindfold match would get me invested!  I’m sorry but seeing them wrestle all  the time doesn’t get me invested in the storylines.
  7. New Talent Being Pushed:  I argue that during Wrestlemania season the part timers get the headlining spot, as they should because they bring back old fans like myself and the casual fans. WWE is in it to make money.  Its a business, if the current wrestlers have a gripe, give people like me a reason to buy a ticket to the show or to buy a shirt with your name and brand on it.  It allows for a mainstream audience.  I want to see top talent winning virtually every single match.  Enough of this “Even Steven” booking.  There’s only so many times I can see “the rubber match” of a feud. It is stale booking.
  8. Minor Titles Getting Pushed:  The secondary championships should be the workhorse title, it should let people know that they’re next in line to go after the Universal or WWE Championship.  Dean Ambrose didn’t do that, The Miz made the Intercontinental Title relevant again.  Again, enough of the hot potato feud over the US Title between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.
  9. NXT:  NXT focuses on wrestling, which that alone makes it a better product than Raw or Smackdown Live.  I watch wrestling for wrestling, not to hear someone cut a 47 minute promo in the ring, then a match starts, they go into a test of strength then there are 17 minutes of commercials.  How NXT is booked is the reason why Vince McMahon needs to retire.  NXT brings in WRESTLING fans.
  10. Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon:  Kurt Angle’s main storyline is his son Jason Jordan.  And you wonder why Raw is losing ratings.  Shane McMahon is going to turn heel on AJ Styles to allow Kevin Owens win back the title.  Too predictable.

Who is right, blundy02 or myself?  Let us know in the comments on Facebook or on here!


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