Clean by The Color Wild

Out of Sacramento, California comes an indie-pop quartet that will cause you to pay attention immediately!  On August 25th, The Color Wild will be releasing their EP entitled “Clean”.

Take the artist’s palette and every color under the sun and make the most abstract painting that offers a thousand different interpretations to the painting on the canvas.  This is The Color Wild in a nutshell, in 140 characters or less(well give or take a few characters, if you’re bored, you can count the characters).  The Color Wild is literally a family unit composed of Jesse Crosson on keyboards/guitars/vocals, Kyle Crosson on vocals, Jaden Crosson on drums, and Josh Hansen on lead guitar.  They take modern pop ditties, sensibilities of driven alternative rock, with that 80’s hairspray new wave flair, and throw about a thousand more flavors into the mix to create The Color Wild.

“Clean” starts off with an anthemic keyboard riff, and a sleek hook in the rhythm section and in the synths.  The beat, which is on point, will instantly cause toes to tap and hands to clap, as the listener closes their eyes.  The guitar attack of Jesse and Josh is subtle yet wonderfully done as it adds so much to the sun.  The chorus soars like an eagle in the Montana sky, what a beautiful way to start off the album.  I’m infected with The Color Wild from first lesson and there is no anecdote for this infectious feeling that they create in their music.

The “Clean” EP continues on with “Wild Things”.  The keyboards are anthemic again and the guitars in the first verse builds that anticipatory setting to the chorus.  The background vocals add so much to the chorus and it showcases Kyle’s strong voice in the song.  “Brighter Than The Moon” is undoubtedly the highlight of this EP.  The chorus and the verses transcend genres as it beautifully mixes pop/rock with punk and alternative rock twists in the music.  This immediately shows me that it will be a damn tragedy in the music industry if this band isn’t headlining venues all across the country in three years.  “She Said” is ultimately a seductive track, it has that 80’s flair that mixes songs that you loved from television show bands(ala California Dreams and Saved By The Bell) while allowing the listener to peel away another layer of the band and that is a funkified Motown with a touch of AM rock flair in the song with a touch of psychedelia.

August 25th, go pick up “Clean” by The Color Wild.  This music will drive you crazy and return you to that feeling where you were willing to wait overnight for the record store to open in order to pick up a copy of this record.  The Color Wild brings that anticipatory feeling back in the music.  9.5/10 stars(only because I wish there were more songs).  The Color Wild will bring you back to that era where you absolutely have to have a copy of the record in your hands when it’s released.

On Saturday, August 19th, The Color Wild will be performing a show with special guests Our People at The Downtown Theatre in Fairfield, California.  For tickets and further information, click here

“Clean” by The Color Wild

  1.  Clean
  2.  Wild Things
  3.  Brighter Than The Moon
  4.  She Said
  5.  Somebody’s Daughter
  6.  Saw Her

“Wild Things” by The Color Wild

“Clean” by The Color Wild(lyric video)

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