Eloquent Demons by Bobaflex

It will be the year of the Bobaflex.  This band works too hard for any other results besides this result of the West Virginian monsters to completely accept any other result otherwise.  On August 25th, Bobaflex will be releasing their latest record entitled “Eloquent Demons” via Thermal Entertainment, LLC.

Bobaflex is composed of Marty McCoy on guitars/vocals, Shaun McCoy on guitars/vocals, Dave Tipple on guitars/vocals, Tommy Johnson on drums, and Jymmy Tolland on bass.  Bobaflex is a hard rock group that has seen it all and been on the right and wrong side of the music industry on several occasions.  They’ve had labels go bankrupt while they were under contract with them, despite this, they have seen considerable success with the hits “Bury Me With My Guns On” and “I’m Glad You’re Dead”, as well as the covers of “Sound Of Silence”, originally done by Simon & Garfunkel and their viral smash cover of “Hey You”, originally done by Pink Floyd.  They have accomplished this success by consistently making music and a relentless tour schedule.

“Eloquent Demons” starts off with a demonic movie score sounding.  It seems to create this concept of being blasted into a foreign world after the crucifixion while invading the planet, it seems to take a considerable cynical shot at the Illuminati and Donald Trump.  It is an extremely unique intro that has a subtle piano and violins that create the haunting scene before seamlessly transitioning into “I Am Your Nightmare”.  It seems to be politically charged about the fears of a World War III.  The harmonies in the vocals create an amazing classic rock feel while it has that pulsating driving rock rhythm that Bobaflex is getting trademarked for.  The guitar solo is tasty as it continues to paint the picture of this concept album of “Eloquent Demons”.

The haunting vocals that are somewhat Alice In Chains with a southern hard-rock/metal vibe are quite evident in “Long Time Coming”, while incorporating a brief psychedelic vibe.  Shaun and Marty McCoy do a tremendous job of being the driving force of this band and continues to show that crafting a song with irresistible and delectable hooks, while creating that party atmosphere in the musicianship makes Bobaflex a must listen every time that they create a record.

Other highlights in this record is the post-grunge blues rocker “Real Sadness”.  The bass is thicker than molasses while as slick as an oil spill in the first as Jymmy Tolland takes advantage of that golden opportunity to shine in that bass lick.  The guitars are laid on thick like quicksand, and the rhythm section pulsates like a heart patient that drank one too many energy drinks.  The instrumental break brings about the blues of Bobaflex as the guitar solos are tasty and really provides for a unique change of pace.

If you want the viral smash cover of “Hey You” by Pink Floyd, then look no further.  Also, if you want a record that shows a band that is determined to be catapulted to the top of the game while staying absolutely true to their rock-n-roll heritage, then Bobaflex created a monster of a record.  9/10 star record!  Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Eloquent Demons(Intro)
  2.  I Am A Nightmare
  3.  Long Time Coming
  4.  Say What You Will
  5.  Lights Out
  6.  Real Sadness
  7.  Off With Your Head
  8.  Moon And The Shadows
  9.  Hey You(Pink Floyd cover)
  10.  Reckless

“Hey You” by Bobaflex

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Check out Bobaflex on tour:

08-25-17 in Columbus, OH at Newport Music Hall (CD Release Show)
08-26-17 in Flint, MI at Machine Shop
08-29-17 in Braidwood, IL at Top Fuel Saloon
08-30-17 in St Louis, MO at Firebird
08-31-17 in Saint Joseph, MO at Cafe Acoustic Live
09-01-17 in Springfield, MO at Outland Ballroom
09-06-17 in Texarkana, TX at Brightstar Theaters
09-07-17 in Houston, TX at Proof Rooftop Lounge
09-08-17 in Corpus Christi, TX at Boozerz Rock Bar
09-09-17 in McAllen, TX at Sofie’s “SS” Saloon
09-10-17 in San Antonio, TX at Wax
09-12-17 in El Paso, TX at The Lowbrow Palace
09-14-17 in Flagstaff, AZ at The Green Room
09-15-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Adrenaline Sports Bar
09-16-17 in Los Angeles, CA at Club Los Globos
09-19-17 in Grant Pass, OR at Cedarwood Saloon
09-20-17 in Portland, OR at Rock Hard PDX
09-21-17 in Seattle, WA at Studio Seven
09-22-17 in Spokane, WA at Cruisers
09-23-17 in Lewiston, ID at 3rd Wheel Event Center & Concert Hall
09-24-17 in Jerome, ID at Diamondz Event Center
09-27-17 in Spearfish, SD at Z Bar
09-28-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Big’s Live
09-29-17 in Mankato, MN at Rd Rocks
09-30-17 in Janesville, WI at 94.1 JJO Sonic Boom (festival)
10-01-17 in Chippewa Falls, WI at Every Buddy’s Bar
11-24-17 in Pittsburgh, PA at Diesel Club Lounge
11-25-17 in Niagara Falls, NY at Evening Star Concert Hall

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