Out of Wayland, Michigan is a band that just might be saving rock music as we know it, and that band is Wayland.  On September 22nd, Wayland released their latest offering entitled “Rinse & Repeat” via Mighty Loud/InGrooves.

We needed rock that is about the big hooks, the powerful vocals, stripper dance routine worthy rhythms and Wayland is bringing that back.  Managed by Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl, Wayland is composed of Mitch Arnold on vocals/guitars, Philip Vilenski on lead guitar/background vocals, Dean Pizzazz on bass/background vocals, and Nigel Dupree on drums/background vocals.  Wayland started getting on the map with the release of singles “Get A Little” and “Reno”, and people began to immediately take notice of their relentless live, passionate songwriting, and intense arrangements.

“Rinse & Repeat” starts off with a guitar powered track entitled “Ghost”.  Fans and listeners will immediately take notice not only the growth of the band from 2014 but their anthemic choruses and the liberation that the chorus offers as Mitch states that “he’s finally free from the ghost that’s inside of me”.  The guitar solo that Vilenski is tasty in the instrumental break, making it a nice balance between radio friendly and for people that just want to get their freak on and rock the hell out.  Their single entitled “Through The Fire” is a nice blend of classic rock feels with post-grunge and today’s mainstream rock.  The harmonies are just incredible and I love how the song builds from the verse and chorus.  Check it out below!

“Through The Fire” by Wayland

This isn’t your typical rock album from today, where some of today’s rock gets old from a band after about four songs.  Wayland keeps it diverse enough to make them stick out in the masses.  Case in point, there is a strong ballad entitled “All We Had”, which talks about love and relationships, yet it sounds really heartfelt, it offers that cigarette lighter in the audience moment throughout the song.  It also offers opportunities for the rhythm section to shine in the song “Revival”, the bass is so slick that it’s like an oil spill.  “Shopping For A Savior” is that song that talks about searching for a higher power to get them through the tough times, and it showcases Wayland’s blues, roots, and a bit of gospel in the music, it is evident in the harmonies in the chorus and the outro of the track.

Wayland is leading the charge in the revival of rock music.  Wayland offers a melting pot of music that will satisfy the palates of people that listen to many different kinds of music.  I remember the 1990’s when Garth Brooks dominated the charts and us metalheads, punk rockers, and rappers we’re all like, “I hate country but that Garth Brooks is pretty cool”.  Think of Wayland in this fashion, the people that don’t like rock music will say, “I don’t care for rock music, but Wayland is pretty awesome”.  That’s Wayland in a nutshell for you.  This album deserves a 10 out of 10 star rating!  Check out the track listing below.

“Rinse & Repeat” by Wayland

  1.  Ghost
  2.  Through The Fire
  3.  Come Back To Me
  4.  All Rise
  5.  All We Had
  6.  Revival
  7.  Shopping For A Savior
  8.  Ode To 37
  9.  Back To Life
  10.  Follow
  11.  The Brave Don’t Run
  12.  Rabbit River Blues/From The Otherside
  13.  Welcome To My Head (Bonus Track)
  14.  On My Knees (Bonus Track)

Check out Wayland at the following tour dates:

Saturday, September 30th- Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sunday, October 1st- WJJO’s Sonic Boom Festival in Janesville, Wisconsin

Friday, October 6th- Home- House Of Music and Entertainment in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Saturday, October 21st- Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in El Paso, Texas

Sunday, October 22nd- Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, Texas

Wednesday, October 25th- District Bar & Grill in Rockford, Illinois

Thursday, October 26th- Route 20 Outhouse in Sturtevant, Wisconsin

Friday, October 27th- Rochaus in West Dundee, Illinois

Saturday, October 28th- Watseka Theatre in Watseka, Illinois

Friday, November 3rd- Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio

Monday, November 6th- Cannery Ballroom in Nashville, Tennessee

Friday, November 10th- Core Denim Entertainment Center in Greensboro, North Carolina

Tuesday, November 14th- Chameleon Club in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Wednesday, November 15th- White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey

Saturday, November 18th- Wally’s Pub in Hampton, New Hampshire

Tuesday, November 28th- Summit Music Hall in Denver, Colorado

Wednesday, November 29th- Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thursday, November 30th- Mesa Theater & Club in Grand Junction, Colorado

Find Wayland at the following locations:





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