Editor’s Note:  I decided with this one, I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying my hand at writing up a hip-hop review.  I cover this particular genre on occasion, however, in order to hone my craft as a writer and a reviewer, I have to try something new in order to hone this craft.  I was reached out by the management company that works with Twiztid and I thought I would give this artist out of Queens, New York a try. Well here goes nothing.

I am trying to get educated and versed into the different types of hip-hop.  I couldn’t tell you the difference between rap and hip-hop, however I am learning that there is a sub-genre to hip-hop called horrorcore.  Lex The Hex Master through his wordplay, flow, lyrical content, and throwback beats is for real!

Lex The Hex Master is out of Majik Ninja Entertainment, which is Twiztid’s management company.  On October 31st(appropriately), he is releasing his latest record entitled “Beyond Redemption”.  Go to www.twiztidshop.com for pre-order information and for pre-order bundles.  He has released his “Mr. Ugly Part 2”, and I feel that it will offer my readers a taste on who Lex The Hex Master is.

“Mr. Ugly Part 2” starts off with an “Intro”.  “Intro” sounds like a movie score with string arrangements, distorted fuzz, with gunshots in the background, which seems to be appropo for a horrorcore artist.  It is a quality transition into the next track entitled “Thousand Degrees”.  I immediately notice Lex the Hex Master’s hard rhymes, resounding beats with brass arrangements, and I do not want to be the person that Lex The Hex Master is rapping about.  I love the old-school turntable DJ scratches that offers an old school feel to the modern vibe in “Thousand Degrees”.  The transition to “Survival Of The Fittest” is a smooth transition.  I love how it sounds like an old phonograph, and the lyric of going harder in New York than the towers that fell emphasize the shock value that Lex The Hex Master portrays in his rhymes and in his art.  Little memorable lyrics such as that causes the listener to pay attention and that is key into making a quality hip-hop/horrorcore track.

“Cry For Me” showcases Lex The Hex Master’s ability to create a memorable chorus and a memorable anthem about doing it yourself instead of relying on others to do it for you, doesn’t seem to fit with the millennial generation(I jest as a fellow millennial).  The collaboration with Black Mask Armada in “Flyers” brings an old-school feel to it and I like it when artists are prudent when it comes to selecting the right artist to duet with or collaborate with, and Lex The Hex Master showcases that ability as the collaboration with Black Mask Armada fits like a latex glove.  I love Lex The Hex Master’s take on “Night”, which is a take on one of my favorite hip-hop songs “One Mic” by Nas, yet Lex The Hex Master pays homage to fellow New York native Nas, while creating his own twist on “Night” by going through all the obstacles necessary in order to get to the top of the game.  I especially love the call to arms to unite the Juggalo factions and how the song reminds that we make music for the fans to vibe to not to fight over.

Lex The Hex Master’s “Mr. Ugly Part 2” shows that this artist needs to be noticed, he could be the rapper that breaks down the genre barriers and get more people to embrace the horrorcore genre.  I give this a solid 8 out of 10 stars, and this is coming from somebody that is incredibly picky when it comes to this genre.

On October 31st, go pick up “Beyond Redemption” from Lex The Hex Master via Majik Ninja Entertainment.  Find Lex The Hex Master at the following locations:




Check out the track listing to “Mr. Ugly Part 2”

  1.  Intro
  2.  Thousand Degrees
  3.  Survival Of The Fittest
  4.  Wrong
  5.  Going Off Part 1
  6.  Cry For Me
  7.  Check
  8.  Going Off Part 2
  9.  Flyers featuring Black Mask Armada
  10.  Night

Check out the track “Army Of One” off of his album “Contact”

On Sunday, October 29th, Lex The Hex Master will be performing at The Monster Masquerade at Montage Music Hall in Rochester, New York.  Also appearing will be G-Mo Skee, Young Wicked, Kourt Jester, King Irish, Hood Bound, and music by DJ Felony.  For tickets and further information, click here.

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