Out of Boston, Massachusetts is a three-piece rock trio known as Long Time.  On October 13th, Long Time released “Never Alone” via Medical Records.

Long Time is composed of Thomas John Cadrin (guitar/vocals), Colin Dinnie (bass), and Andrew G. Nault on drums.  In their music, Long Time chooses to pay an homage to the past while releasing their own fresh perspective on the music!

“Never Alone” starts off with a grunge grinder entitled “River”.  “River” seems to pay an homage to the Seattle grunge movement of the 1990’s while adding a little bit of that East Coast grit to the music.  I am immediately noticing Cadrin’s prowess on guitars and his passionate vocals, while Dinnie and Nault both provide an impact in the rhythm section.

“Spoken Ghost” offered that fuzz feel in the distortion, and like I have the issue with so many rock bands these days, they get going on a guitar solo and they cut it way short to get to the chorus.  The arrangements in this song seem somewhat choppy and not very tight, it changes tempos and the guitars overpower the rhythm section, which to me needs to be highlighted more in a mid-tempo rock song.

“Hostage” showcases a much heavier side to Long Time.  It has a bit of a Tool feel in the outro when mixed with the grunge feel to it. Cadrin comes in strong with the vocals providing that Queens Of The Stone Age meets Royal Blood feel to it.  The chorus is strong and the guitars pack a punch.  Here is the music video below!

“Hostage” by Long Time

“Silence” is the strength of this album.  It starts off as a whimsical indie ballad before it picks up about halfway throughout the song, and I like how it closes out in the outro.  Personally, when they had the rhythm section going in the outro, I would’ve left out the guitars in order to provide that subtle yet strong impact in the song.  Sometimes we try to add that extra ingredient in order to try to enhance the recipe, but the ingredient may make that recipe not turn out as good.

Long Time has a ways to go in order to make an impact in the music industry.  While there are a few decent cuts on this album, and there are bits and pieces where they showcase potential, I think that they need to just stick to straight-up no-frills rock instead of simply trying to do too much, and I think with time they will find that niche as a band and find what works for them.  For a first effort, it’s not bad, but they need to fine-tune their arrangements and find that balance between that raw rock sound and making the arrangements in the raw rock sound make sense.  I give this album a 5.5/10 stars.

“Never Alone” by Long Time

  1.  River
  2.  Spoken Ghost
  3.  Hostage
  4.  Silence
  5.  Shadows
  6.  Separation
  7.  Chosen Disease
  8.  Windows

Check out Long Time at the following locations:

Instagram: @longtime_MA
“Hostage” by Long Time is streaming via Spotify.  Check it out here!

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