This band, known as Powerman 5000, has continued to change the game in the underground hard rock scene since 1994 when they released their debut EP “True Force” after frontman Spider One quit art school to start a band.  Through “Mega Kung-Fu Radio”, “Tonight The Stars Revolt”, “Action”, to creating the entrance music for the freaking Dudley Boyz of ECW/TNA/WWE fame to “Builders Of The Future” to “New Wave”, Powerman 5000 continues to reinvent the wheel and come up with the latest concoction that combines art, power, and pure freaking rock!

After surviving numerous lineup changes, Powerman 5000 continues to tear up the club scene and have seemed to have found a new injection of this thing called life after signing with Pavement Entertainment!  Only Powerman 5000 can take song titles like “Sid Vicious In A Dress” and “David Fucking Bowie” and make it just sound amazing instead of cheesy and hokey as all get out!

“New Wave” starts off with the perfect concert opener entitled “Footsteps and Voices”.  It builds an anticipatory setting with the new wave concept, and it starts off with an extremely catchy chorus.  They have a nod, wink and a smile to the new wave era of the 1980’s combined with the early 2000’s nu-metal era that will bring fans back to that nostalgic Powerman 5000 sound that they are trademarked for.  Yet, they continue to reinvent themselves.  “Footsteps and Voices” could be the next rock anthem if it’s marketed right, it has that video game appeal, entrance music appeal, yet it doesn’t sound hokey, it sounds strangely authentic.

“Hostage” unleashes adrenaline injections and as if the pace couldn’t be picked up from the opening track, yet Powerman 5000 pulls it off with “Hostage”.  Spider One sounds as incredible and there is new life in this band.  Like. Total. Legit. New. Life. In. This. Band. The guitars sound incredible, and the instrumental break sounds like something out of a movie scene where it involves thousands of cars, squealing of the tires, and the hero makes the last second stage as chaos ensues in the background.

There are New Wave elements and a nod to old school punk and glam rock in the tracks “Sid Vicious In A Dress” and “David Fucking Bowie”.  “Sid Vicious In A Dress” has that opening single feel to it.  Spider One’s voice continues to have that mix of Billy Idol with that feeling that something overtook his body as he is singing.  The aforementioned songs showcase what Powerman 5000 can do, is that make the audience and the listener dance their hearts out and rock out with a purpose, and that sole purpose is to annihilate other audience members.  What an homage to David Bowie!  Dance like David “F******” Bowie! Please for the love of it all!

Powerman 5000 throws a bit of a twist and a bit of introspection in this album with the songs “No White Flags” and “Die On Your Feet”.  “No White Flags” is that extremely rare ballad that Powerman 5000 has that discusses about not giving in no matter what the circumstances are.  It offers an interesting twist to “New Wave”.  “Die On Your Feet” talks about the old Che Guevara quote, “I would rather die fighting than live on my knees”, I might have paraphrased that quote but you get my drift.

Through the introspection, through the homage to David Bowie and Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols(or the old WCW wrestler), and through the continued rock anthems.  Rock fans. Stop sleeping on Powerman 5000.  They are way beyond that science-fiction themed album “Tonight The Stars Revolt”, they are true artists and musicians in every sense of the word.  For that, this album gets a 9 out of 10 stars as creating quite possibly their best album since “Mega Kung-Fu Radio”, and I’m dead freaking serious.  Here is the track listing below!

  1.  Footsteps and Voices
  2.  Hostage
  3.  Sid Vicious In A Dress
  4.  David Fucking Bowie
  5.  Cult Leader
  6.  No White Flags
  7.  Thank God
  8.  Die On Your Feet
  9.  Get A Life
  10.  Run For Your Life

Check out Powerman 5000 on tour!

Saturday, October 28th- Brick By Brick in San Diego, California

Sunday, October 29th- Pub Rock Live in Phoenix, Arizona

Tuesday, October 31st- Jake’s in Lubbock, Texas

Thursday, November 2nd- House of Rock in Corpus Christi, Texas

Friday, November 3rd- Canton Hall in Dallas, Texas

Saturday, November 4th- Scout Bar in Houston, Texas

Sunday, November 5th- Dirty Dog in Austin, Texas

Tuesday, November 7th- Aftershock Live! in Merriam, Kansas

Wednesday, November 8th- Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri

Friday, November 10th- Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan

Saturday, November 11th- Castle Theater in Bloomington, Illinois

Sunday, November 12th- The Forge in Joliet, Illinois

Tuesday, November 14th- Rochaus in Dundee, Illinois

Wednesday, November 15th- Lookout Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska

Thursday, November 16th- Streets of London in Denver, Colorado

Friday, November 17th- Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, November 18th- Top Deck in Farmington, New Mexico

Knee High Fox and Rachel Lorin will be the special guests on the “New Wave” tour featuring Powerman 5000!  Click here for tickets and further information!

Here is the music video to “Sid Vicious In A Dress”.  Let us know in the comments what you think of it!

Powerman 5000 also released the video to “Cult Leader”, check it out below!

Find Powerman 5000 at the following locations:



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