Editor’s Note:  Pustulus Maximus of GWAR was “kind” enough to offer up its take on “The Blood Of Gods”, in particular the singles “Fuck This Place” and “El Presidente” with Madness To Creation.  Usually when Madness To Creation does a review, it is done with my own personal take, but Pustulus Maximus offered up its wisdom to explain several tracks.  On October 20th, GWAR released their latest effort entitled “The Blood Of Gods” via Metal Blade Records.  They will be touring in support of the album with special guests Doyle, He Is Legend, and U.S. Bastards.  Check them out on tour!  This is their first album since the untimely departure of Oderus Urungus, and Blothar has taken over GWAR scream duties.  Here goes nothing with this!

GWAR mistakenly landed on this planet and it’s something with their lust that after reproducing with apes, they created the human race, that’s what the legend of GWAR is.  Now, GWAR is rising up against the powers that be, due to issues with politics, organized religion, pollution, fast food, and factory farming and created their latest monstrosity known as “The Blood Of Gods”.

The album starts off with the track “War On GWAR”, which thrashes, makes blood from the innards curl, and severs heads due to the sheer madness and brutality of the track.  Blothar picks up where Oderus Urungus leaves off with blood curling screams and due to his love for gluttony throughout the track.  GWAR also has an anthem for their human slaves, because we all want to get with GWAR in the track “Viking Death Machine”.  It is the battlecry for GWAR’s human slaves to demand unadulterated adulation and pools of blood to be left everywhere due to GWAR monsters slaying anything in its path with its punishing riffs, thunderous rhythms, and creating an 8th sin through their music.

Pustulus Maximus offers his take on the track “El Presidente”.

MTC:  I like the song “El Presidente” that your band released.  Tell us about the song and your thoughts on “El Presidente”.
Pustulus:  The song or the current monstrosity that we are stuck with?
MTC:  I dare not question you, it is your wish on how to answer the song, you’re in control.
Pustulus:  Well, I do like being in control. *laughs* Become the bottom! The president is an embarrassment to the country, America has plenty it should be embarrassed about, but this regression should not stand.  The song is timeless, it encapsulates a polarized election where people can assume that they can just vote for themselves, when was the last time a human being has actually voted in its best interest, for fuck’s sake, poor people celebrate Ronald Reagan who fucked everybody with his trickle down economics speech, which I mean what the fuck, that only benefited the rich.  It just goes to show that “El Presidente” can be timeless and especially when stupid rednecks vote for a rich New York politician that has everything going against their better interests.
MTC:  If Donald Trump was sitting right next to you, what would you say to him?
Pustulus:  Suck my D! D is for dick!
MTC:  Do you think he would?
Pustulus:  Maybe if I put a gun to his head!  I wouldn’t even do it for the sexual satisfaction, it would be more for the degrading portion of it, and then I would probably sell the video to TMZ, but that’s neither here nor there.  Donald Trump is more than likely a stooge, somebody that is so vainey that the truth can be hidden from you.
MTC:  If GWAR could elect the next President, who would it be?
Pustulus:  Me and only me!  Well me and Tom Hanks.  I mean Kevin Costner because I too like dancing with animals when I’m fucking hammered.  I got my own Squaw tribe as well!
“El Presidente” by GWAR here!
“El Presidente” is a definite stab at not only the current President of the United States Donald Trump, but it’s a stab towards politics in general because of how politics ruin lives and use war to ruin humanity.  GWAR states that it’s up to us to ruin each other not any government.  The musicianship is tighter than a sumo wrestler in skinny jeans in this one.
GWAR offers a tribute to their departed alien Oderus Urungus with “Fuck This Place”.  They basically stated that Oderus(RIP) had enough of planet Earth and that he decided to venture off into a new planet in another galaxy somewhere unknown, but I’m sure it’s a place that doesn’t involve humans, especially music critics such as myself.
MTC:  What are some things that make you say “Fuck This Place” and talk about the song too!
Pustulus:  Everything! Republicans, Democrats, people that cry about which fucking bathroom to use, these are the things that keep me up at night and to take the Hunter S. Thompson retirement plan and stare straight into the barrel of a .45 or out of it as you can say.  Either way, you can check out my website at guns are bad ass dot com, that would give me a purpose for life and that people would invest in this new Ponzi scheme which I have going on, we’re just trying to put more guns into schools.
MTC:  How is that working out so far?
Pustulus:  It’s great!  The NRA supports it as well as their followers, I really just want to get guns in the hands of idiots because I think that they would just have the most fun with it to be honest.
MTC:  What about fans of Hunter S. Thompson?  Have you met him before?
Pustulus:  Oh yeah!  We did drugs with Charlie Sheen it was great!
MTC:  What was that like?
Pustulus:  Maddening!  With Charlie Sheen, you don’t need to go into it, it is what it is, people like that are the only people that can keep up with us, which is why we try to keep them around, because getting high by yourself is only fun for so long and eventually somebody else has to have a television to pawn, because you don’t want to have to pawn off your own shit when you’re on a drug binge, you save that for later.
MTC:  Is there anything that makes you say “I Love This Place” instead of “Fuck This Place”?
Pustulus:  No.  Well, sometimes when Maury Povich says “you are not the father”, that’s when I might smile, but that’s about it.
And there you have it!  “Fuck This Place” is the paternity test given by Maury Povich of this album!  It’s a celebration when one finds out that they are not the father!
Here is the monstrosity here.
In the midst of all the monstrosities, the chaos, and the destruction in the revolt towards the powers that be, GWAR shows that they have feelings as well, albeit a minute part of GWAR in “Phantom Limb”, I too feel sorry for what they are going through, they did not ask for this dang it!  They also pay tribute to AC/DC with “If You Want Blood (You Got It), with an outstanding rendition of that classic rock song.
Once again, GWAR is larger than life as usual with their vision in “The Blood Of Gods”.  Heads are severed into a pile of trash with few survivors after this offering.  GWAR presses on valiantly.  GWAR keeps swimming like the Loch Ness in Scotland and they do with the effervescence of the Abominable Snowman and Sasquatch all rolled into one.  I give this album a 9 out of 10 stars for their mix of punk, thrash, metal, and classic rock into one festering monster attack from GWAR.  Here is the track listing below!
1.  War on GWAR
2.  Viking Death Machine
3.  El Presidente
4.  I’ll Be Your Monster
5.  Auroch
6.  Swarm
7.  The Sordid Soliloquy Of Sawborg Destructo
8.  Death To Dickie Duncan
9.  Crushed By The Cross
10.  Fuck This Place
11.  Phantom Limb
12.  You Want Blood (You Got It) (AC/DC Cover)
Check out GWAR in support of “The Blood Of Gods” on tour with Doyle, He Is Legend, and U.S. Bastards.  Tour dates are listed below!
Tuesday, October 31st- Irving Plaza in New York, New York
Wednesday, November 1st- Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York
Thursday, November 2nd- Mercury Ballroom in Louisville, Kentucky
Friday, November 3rd- Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois
Saturday, November 4th- Anthem at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sioux City, Iowa
Sunday, November 5th- Granada in Lawrence, Kansas
Tuesday, November 7th- First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wednesday, November 8th- Pyramid in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Thursday, November 9th- Saskatoon Events Center in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Friday, November 10th- Union Hall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Saturday, November 11th- The Palace in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Monday, November 13th- Commodore in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Tuesday, November 14th- Roseland in Portland, Oregon
Wednesday, November 15th- Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Washington
Friday, November 17th- The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California
Saturday, November 18th- Fremont Country Club in Las Vegas, Nevada
Sunday, November 19th- Ace Of Spades in Sacramento, California
Tuesday, November 21st- House Of Blues in San Diego, California
Wednesday, November 22nd- Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, California
Thursday, November 23rd- Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona
Friday, November 24th- Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Saturday, November 25th- Summit in Denver, Colorado
Sunday, November 26th- Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska
Tuesday, November 28th- Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Wednesday, November 29th- Gas Monkey Live! in Dallas, Texas
Thursday, November 30th- House Of Blues in Houston, Texas
Friday, December 1st- Aztec in San Antonio, Texas
Saturday, December 2nd- Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sunday, December 3rd- Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia
Tuesday, December 5th- Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Wednesday, December 6th- The Ritz in Tampa, Florida
Friday, December 8th- The Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana
Saturday, December 9th- The Limelight in Peoria, Illinois
Sunday, December 10th- St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, Michigan
Click here for tickets and further information for “The Blood Of Gods” tour!
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Go pick up a copy of “The Blood Of Gods” here!
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