Substance in the world of today’s R&B music can be a little bit difficult to find, however, ColinResponse has shattered that ceiling by creating some fresh music that incorporates soul, jazz, funk, pop, and R&B all into one bundle of joy with his self-titled EP that was released on October 27th.

Out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ColinResponse has already drawn comparisons to the likes of Bruno Mars and Andre 3000 of Outkast fame with his eclectic songwriting style that is used to empower people to get up off of their feet and to sing, laugh, and cry along with him through the lyrics.  ColinResponse has also shared the stage with the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, Wyclef Jean, and Erykah Badu while receiving international recognition for the first cut entitled “Something About Your Love”.

“Something About Your Love” is that typical, yet atypical song that is an ode to that significant other that he feels something really special about her.  However, there are some mixes of soul, old-school Motown, and a bit of world music thrown into the blender and it comes off as that fresh new recipe in a world of music that has seemingly gone vanilla over time.  The music video showcases ColinResponse’s infectious smile and it takes a person back in time where instead of text messages and Snapchats, there is that note passing along in class, and with that question of “do you like me, check yes or no”, oh such times were so innocent back then!  Check out the video that already has over 33,000 hits in two weeks time on YouTube.

“Something About Your Love” by ColinResponse

The EP transitions into a funktified ditty known as “She Dances In The Rain”.  ColinResponse displays his diversity with musical styles, culture in the music, and lyricism by throwing in some Wyclef Jean type of rhymes in there while mixing some old school soul and funk into the music.  It is one of those happy love songs, yet it is not hokey by any stretch as the jam is packed full of emotion and celebration, that is something that we will get accustomed to from ColinResponse.

Lush acoustic guitar, bass, and organ take over while ColinResponse rhymes in the track “Enough”, he injects some humor into a breakup song by comparing a breakup to flushing the relationship down the toilet.  It also takes in some revenge in the song.  The song also pokes fun at himself in the rhymes about how he can’t even figure out why she wants to break up with him, while it is so obvious that she doesn’t want to be with him.  It is such an upbeat ditty, and the guitars in the instrumental break sound absolutely sexy as there is such a lush solo that gets people out of their chairs while the brass section swoons the listener away.

ColinResponse’s EP needs to be jammed in your car, in the kitchen while doing dishes and making that soul food, and even while laying in your bed while your headphones are on in the dark.  This is a tremendous EP that will get ColinResponse known on the international stage.  Take notes, school in session, and let ColinResponse remind you how to bring back the feelgood vibes of the soul/funk/R&B era with this 9 out of 10 start ditty. Here is the track listing below to the EP:

  1.  Something About Your Love
  2.  She Dances In The Rain
  3.  Enough
  4.  Irresistable
  5.  #YouAlreadyKnow
  6.  Let Go

Here is the video to #YouAlreadyKnow featuring Fergie

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